Came back today to give it another go, and instantly i got sick of it.
Fix your desync’s and sluggish combat interactions. Your game cant keep up with my input, i actually have to slow down tremendously for your combat system to work with me when it comes to switching and skill usage at certain timings in Melee vs Melee combat.

Weapon switches for example, the speed i switch at your system doesnt even register it, i end up holding 1 wep and having the skills of the other ( others still see me holding the correct weapon tho) Nvm if i try to switch , do a skill and switch back. the only sort of “nice” transition is when i use the dash from rapier and switch back. for some reason that works fine, the rest is just too slow, some melee skills need to hit their crosshair perfectly on a enemy like the sword lunge, even tho i aim maybe like 1 milimeter next to them, i get that i dont get a Aimbot, that be too much. But as a person who hates/Sucks at SHOOTING, i dont like that crosshair on melee weapons, there is a reason im not carrying a gun or a bow, so aiming in the correct direction should do the trick ( and i mean a error margin of indeed like 3-4 mm off target) not that i aim slightly in their direction and land every hit that be too much.

my last second ripostes that are IMO perfectly timed(any sooner and its too early, any later i get hit 100%), i get hit on sometimes and my cd just kicks in without the riposte even happening?

Also fix your stuns. Hammer AoE Stun hitting me at 6-7 meters away? i even keep sliding a bit while in the stunned animation and just… no words for that. It gets worse when i get hit in my iframes aswell, that desync has to go. if i cant rely on my own reflexes and have to calculate server lag, thats not enjoyable and very bad.

(edit: took my attitude out of the text, and tried to get it into a constructive format without any bashing, DEVS i dont dislike your game, i dont hate it, but you guys really need to do something about this VERY VERY fast before players like myself give up on it all)


The musket also feels really bad right now. I am shooting through people walking sometimes. It wasn’t like this before. It was actually pretty good before this most recent patch.


bump, completely agree.

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yeah as strong as it is reg feels atrocious lmao

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Yeah thats absolutely true, the game feels like desynced stuttering unresponsive, slow trash… because its trash? thats how they designed it…
It will never be fixed, i mean, they can completely remake this game like they already did once, but it will take so mutch time this game will die faster and other new mmo’s will come up)
The only right decision IMO: go play something old but verified, that works and feels nice. league, dota, csgo, ow, some old MMo’s etc… and just wait for new mmo, cause this one, well, im sure like 90% players did not get what they expected from mmo)
its EU lost arc coming soon, AoC is like in the middle of development…

At some point i realized i have more fun while working compare to playing NW :smiley:

this is litterly the deadline i give new world to make it work.

Ashes come out, and im gone if this is still in a trash state.

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Don’t agree with the language OP used, but he got some valid points.


pure frustration, im actually quite a nice guy


I don’t know how many times a saw my charge is ready only to use path of destiny instead because my warhammer was equipped yet it showed the great axe skills active. The weapon swapping must improve. What i would really want to see changed, is reactive dodge/block. When i press dodge or block, i want the current animation to cancel and immediately perform said dodge/block. Thinking if i should swing or dodge/block in the heat of battle is frustrating.

yes true, i also find myself blocking something with shield last second only to still take damage, the game doesnt register changes fast enough, leading to having to predict things, and i never was a good fortune teller, my reflexes are pretty healty tho, but useless in this game for very fast responses.

Agree that the combat feels poor and sluggish. Disagree that it would be better if it was faster. There are plenty of fast action combat games on market.

The problem is this game is a handicapped action combat game because they removed all the core mechanics that made a slower more deliberate paced input combat viable.

I would prefer it go back to older combat designs. But we are all stuck w this awful hybrid thats a mess for everyone.

dont worry not attacking you, but could you explain this a bit more? as i got confused,

the way i see/saw it is that if everything responds “faster” then we wouldnt have these sluggish interactions and maybe even have some sick fast fights. (Speed is a factor in pvp, and in most games i played being faster then my opponent would compensate for being at a lower gearscore and having to deal more damage.

Also if the game registers changes faster ( Ex: last second block , last second riposte etc) i think there would be less salt in the jar for the losing party, as at that point its your capability vs the other persons capabilities and 1 of the 2 flat out being more skillfull. I respect a good fighter, but i get absolutely sore on losing because of the game just not keeping up.

once again not attacking or anything, just curious what u mean so i can learn from it.

so when i say faster im not referring to responsive, I agree the buffers in the game don’t feel responsive.

When I say faster I do refer to things like increasing animation cancels or simply removing buffers completely so each interaction can be weaved.

Faster combat w little to no buffers exist in games like ESO or BDO.

Slower but responsive combat would be something like Dark Souls or Sekiro.

The games original combat premise revolved around this combat style and it had elements from those types of game that rewarded you for playing better than your opponent.

Stagger-Hitstun that allowed you room to maneuver and setup backstabs or other hard hitting combos

Hyperarmor/poise-- Abilities that made you more resistant to the above.

The skill in that type of combat isn’t in being faster with offensive input but as you say faster with defensive inputs (blocks, Counters).

Most important in this combat setup is Positioning and punishing players who overextend or swing wildly.

Its closer to boxing with your opponent then slap fighting if that makes sense.

This is an old video and many of the discussions may be less relevant today. But this is where the combat stood about a year and half ago before it was completely gutted around Dec 2020.


only needed 2 min of the video + your explanation to sort of get what you mean, ( i will finish the video as the guy makes good points)

Personally i am completely familiar with that type of combat
(Monster Hunter World for example also had iframes and reading the attacks of the monsters would allow you to make the correct decisions, and a poor read would lead to you being punished)

Not only am i familiar with it, i also found myself being quite good at it. (not pro pro, but very capable at least)

im also familiar with classic MMO concepts of just who executes his skills faster, and in New World what i am refering to is that reading a animation doesn’t do alot because lets say

You respond correctly, BUT at the nick of time , in games like souls or MHW it would be deemed a beautifull last split second dodge, but in new world you get punished for being so precise. Asif the game wants you to respond even faster then events are taking place. Wich is quite frankly a hard ask. I consider my reflexes super healty being at 0,25-0,30 sec response time, sometimes even SLIGHTLY faster if i am tunnelvision focused on the fight with all my concentration. (closer to a 0,22 sec reaction, tho sometimes i can be unhumanly fast if audio is involved. i can peek past even that, not consequently but it occurs).

and my problem with New World is exactly that the game does not keep up with me. and if i slow down yes, you could make the argument to slow down, then the game does keep up with me, but i end up being aggitated knowing that i could have easily dodged certain things.(think pressing shift in time, then pressing it 2 more times within the same second only to see urself being smacked before the dodge even occurs) offcourse the other opposite also happens that i dodge too fast that my iframe ends before the move stops registering (i call it jumping the gun too soon, and i consider this a fault from myself, nobodys perfect).

regarding positioning, thats a learning curve ive had since launch ( i didnt play beta or anything before launch), of how certain moves reach etc, however this is also very inconsistent and i cannot rely on it. 1 example here is the Hatchet skill that lets u hit 4-5x . i believe its called raging torrent. Normally when you use the move your character keeps stepping in slightly to close distance as its landing those hits. However in PvP it occured far too often that after the first hit, the “stepping in” does not occur anymore, and your stuck in 1 place while your opponent can just back up slightly while ur anim locked. i am not sure if this is the old walk/run mechanics messing with it.

there is just so much going on that makes absolutely no sense, and yesterday it took the cake when i fleched trough a hammer users Shockwave(my fleche started before he even lifted his hammer) , was trough him AND out of his 4meter radius but at 6meters i got stunned, and my character continued to slide over the floor, almost off a cliff. and yeah, im actually losing my train of thought here on all the points i wish to make, and the frustration of seeing a “could-be” amazing combat game not performing the way i anticipate it.

ye the game is also in a really poor state atm in terms of desync, ping compensation etc.

Ironically the PTR the buffers felts actually more responsive and smoother than they do on live in the same patch build.

Im wondering if you play on a large server like I do?.

Im finding the performance gets worse and worse during peak hours when more players are online and curious if this is just a server world is too largely populated and the servers can’t keep up with all the calculations.

But that still wouldn’t make sense in OPR or Wars which ironically feel decidedly worse.

But yes I agree with you, the games combat is stuck in this horrible middle ground where you have these limited resource pools that would be fine if you could properly punish someone w a stagger, but combined w ability and auto attacks on certain builds that just let you overcome all the defensive options quickly with no punishment.

The player response is to naturally want to push faster and outplay but the game handicaps you w those buffers and slower responses.

I think we agree either way this combat just feel bad and terrible to play and Gameplay is the primary reason I play any game.

New Worlds gameplay is simply lacking, boring, shallow and doesn’t at feel like it rewards player skill over simply just gearing and itemizing better.

i wouldnt call it a big server, as our entire world set merged together is maybe like 1k players , but yes since the merge the issues have been amplified wich leads me to believe the game being build for 2k players is utter bullshit, it performs kinda ok when u have low pop.

and yes we indeed see eye to eye on this, i feel exactly the same.

and yes your argument about OPR and wars performing poorly is as legit as it can be, these things need to be instanced i believe, as currently everything takes place in 1 world, you are in war but still in a full world of players that are also farming etc, even OPR is somewhere at the left of the map ( in the void of map space)

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The game is janky af… There seems to be some glitch on roll like it bc cannot decide to where to place your toon… you ever roll and get teleportes an extra 5-10m… Or you roll out of a reap only to get pulled into your corpse a second or two later after you clearly rolled away and gained 5m

All combat is janky, animations, timing… Why did it feel better in beta I swear it’s getting worse…

It is definitely sluggish.

I can easily prove it, too:

While not in combat, swap your weapons bars.
Next, while still not in combat, blow as many cooldowns as you can. Swap your bars after each.


Get into combat, especially if the mob is melee-range only. Try to do the above.

I can guarantee you. You will notice that the weapon bar won’t swap as quickly as it does when not in combat.

Follow-up: We need to be able to cancel animations to block or dodge. ESO’s combat, while not amazing. Is still parsecs better than New World’s. I get hit so many times in NW that I just block and wait for the mob to hit me, then swing once and go back to blocking, rinse and repeat until the mob is dead.

Now, I don’t want the silliness that ESO has where you can cancel your attack animation to go into another one to cancel that to go into another. Giving you an insane boost to DPS. There is zero reason not to just have an internal cooldown on basic attacks. With dodge and block being ‘off the GCD’.

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I have had more frustration in combat this game than all of the games combined I have played for the past 30 years. It is just that bad.


yep frustration here too, the worst is that they actually have such a potential in place that could be SO good, and i think that bite’s me the hardest out of everything, if it was shit even if improved i wouldnt mind as much as i do now.