Combat while on the move and Slow/Root Evaluation

PvP combat while chasing someone is quite clunky, the fact that the character has to stop to do the swing animation makes it frustrating to attack a person who is running, this includes the rush attacks that launch you 7-10m, which help, but at the end of the attack animation, your character freezes in place while the person is still running. I recommend that these pausing animations at least in melee swings be lifted. Or maybe a “sprint mode” be implemented that allows for swings on the run at the cost of stamina.

Adding to this, Slow and root duration timers are quite low for their desired effect. Slow could benefit from a boost. While roots should be upwards of 10-12s for their desired effect of stopping someone from advancing/fleeing or separating them from their team if the team decides to kite. The current duration of these forms of CC don’t have the effect that would be desired on the battlefield. I understand nobody wants to be CCed for 1+ minutes ( DAoC I’m looking at you) however these could use an appropriate boost.

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