Come on Amazon!

How could you and why would you just disable something which instantly prevents hundreds or thousands of loyal and seriously invested players from accessing their game and hard earned progress, while saying something so lame like “we’ll think about giving you a work-around IF and whenever WE MIGHT feel like and get around to it”! I hope that you seriously didn’t expect this to bring in more revenue, cause this dumb-ass move just lost you way more than you could’ve ever possibly gained. Bye!


Hello @SeriouslyAmazon
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Please check out the whole update, it does say.
“This decision was not taken lightly and for players who utilize family sharing for a valid reason, we will update this post with instructions for assistance.”
It was a very hard choice to make and there will be a future update for the people who are using this fairly and not abusing the system.

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when???!!! we already will very left behind

Family Sharing, per Steam’s own guidelines, state that it’s not meant to be used simultaneously (i.e. allowing multiple people to play at once). Are you trying to use this to play simultaneously with other people? If so that’s against Steam’s guidelines for Family Sharing. It only worked originally due to AGS forgetting to disable it when setting up their game on Steam.

The legitimate cases they’ll allow in the future will just be for people using the license one at a time, so if you’re expecting to be able to play simultaneously in the future with only one purchase, I’d guess you’ll be disappointed.

I wasn’t, you’re wrong, please stop trolling.

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I am one of the “legitimate” users, as is my son (two separate accounts which we ourselves fully own and solely use), who planned on playing together this evening (we live 5 states away from each other), and you ruined our evening. Thank you very much. Perhaps In the future you might try a little harder to act more responsibly by having a plan to support your “legitimate” loyal customers, BEFORE you place them last and make them suffer along with and because of the actual perpetrators of wrong doing. Oh wait, yeah that’s right, in the end, all you will have actually stopped, are the “legitimate” players…. Very sad

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Oh wow, thanks. I’ll proceed to sit here for more than an entire day and wait patiently until you guys decide wtf will be done, while also being very happy with the fact that all of this could have been planned before pulling the plug. Thanks!


Day 2, still waiting and unable to play the game that I purchased! Can I please just get a damn refund already?

I’m contacting an attorney today. This is ridiculous - nothing but automated refusal and silence from both Steam & Amazon! Stop selling products that you refuse to support!

Hey, another “Please wait…” message after holding for 4 days!

Un freaking believable!

You just said you were planning on playing WITH your son. You were obviously trying to play at the same time. You are not allowed to do that as Sicarx said above.

Unless you are stating that as “legitimate” users you both own the copy, then I really don’t understand what the complaint is.

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Hi, as I did state in that message, yes we BOTH own a separate copy of the game, and we have always exclusively played under each of our respective accounts. So, no breach of any rules or terms of service.

The reason for our complaint, is exactly like most other “legitimate” family share users, is that we were instantly and are still currently left with only 3 options:

  1. Abandon this game and lose our investment of the purchase price which we have already paid.

  2. Re-purchase a second copy of this game in addition to the current license that we purchased, simply in hope of and in order to continue playing the game that we have already purchased while retaining our character and it’s progress.

  3. Create a brand new character under the original account and begin at the very beginning of the game, completely forfeiting and losing all of our previous investment of both the purchase and countless hours of progress building up our character and progress.

I hope that this completely clarifies my position/point, and while you’re all free to comment, we “legitimate” family share players who have been directly effected by this rash, stupid and wrongly handled “decision”, really don’t care what ANY of you other members think or have to say about this issue.

Seriously, most of us (mentioned above) are not interested in immature members/trolls looking to argue. We simply want proper and timely recourse for our loss.

I’m not trying to argue with you, just trying to understand your position.

If you own separate copies then you would not have to worry about family sharing. Do you have someone else besides you two that also play? Is that where you are coming from?

I know, and that rude part isn’t meant for you. We totally agree with their decision to disable family sharing as it at least severely mitigates the majority of its intended bad element. We further don’t care about continuing to use the family sharing feature with this title. However, the simple and relevant fact is that we freely and within our rights “chose” to enable and play using it (again in our and a significant portion of other cases), we both deserve and have been begging for either AGS or Steam to switch our one single legitimate ownership of this game from our account which currently owns it, to our other account who has played and built up our significant character progress. Simple, right. Yet, here we are - STILL WAITING…

I’ll further add that In both myself and my son’s case, the original account which currently owns the game, have NEVER played nor shared this game with ANYONE ELSE! And again, this is not an invitation for argument, simply a statement of fact. It’s no one’s business if or why we chose to exercise these “legitimate” options.

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FINALLY, I’m back in. Let’s get back into and enjoy the game! Thank You!

Got the license!

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Thank you guys for be good with us, with the legit players. now i can go back and enjoy

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saved the game from stupid spam and dodgy dupers

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