Come to us MIDGARD

Hello guys, with transfer tokens coming out from now until the 22nd if you are a PvP player and looking for a competitive server, Midgard is the way to go.

Our population has increased rapidly since the first merges and people are coming over on there alt accounts interested in switching to us, it’s looking like we will be the most popular server again (hopefully)

If you are Marauders/Covenant you should 100% come here, we (covenant) own 3 territory’s but we have lost some players due to lost ark, Marauders own 2 territories but they are in need of players.

But yes we are a PvP server and we want competitive players to come over and join us in making new world fun again, feel free to come over on your alts and see for yourself!


I am coming the second i get the token!

/Marauder and swede

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I think alot of ppl will go midgard as soon as they get tokens bro

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Can some1 show a printscreen of the map?

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