Comments from a crafter

My focus in New World is on the trade skills, where I have crafted the tools, weapons, trinkets and some of the armour I use. I use the trading post to acquire ingredients (and sell tools).
But I also participate in PVP, Wars, Invasions, quest etc : they are just not my main focus.

I warmly applaud the announced changes ([Dev Blog] End Game Update - #5 by Zin_Ramu) so that I can use the high GS gear I craft.

But there are a few other changes along the same lines I would like to see:
• Allow us to use the tools we craft (I worked hard to get Engineering to 100 so I could create my own star metal tools, the not find I needed to raise my level to use them)
• Have the quality of tool use allowed based on skill level rather than overall level (or combined with overall level); or adjust effective GS like is being done with combat gear. Eg need to be mining 50 before you can use a star metal pickaxe, 100 before Ori
• Have the GS for a weapon limited by your skill with that weapon (as well as the HWM). Force persons to actually have some experience in a weapon before picking up powerful weapons

What’s the rationale behind each of these?

I don’t fully get this one. Do you mean required level 40 to use starmetal tools? This is kind of how any game works; higher level gear requires a higher character level. I could see the annoyance of making starmetal items then having to level to use them, but look on the bright side; they’re already made, and you will level eventually.

Having gone through the grind of maxing out my gathering professions, this would be exceedingly annoying. The implication would be that you could make orichalcum tools at 150 engineering, but you wouldn’t be able to use your sickle until you got your gathering profession up for a gathering skill you never use. You’d be right back in that same trap of not being able to use tools you made. That’s a whole lot of gathering speed lost, and thus a heck of a lot more time required to grind it out.

Why? They’ll already be handicapped once by their Expertise, why double handicap them? This makes leveling a weapon in any way other than going to low level areas and doing the grind that you’ve already completed or XP farming unfeasible. In a decently geared group, it’s fine to level a weapon that you want to master the honest way, this would make that impractical. Someone would find components and craft a 600 GS void gauntlet because they have 200 arcana, only to be unable to even equip the thing they crafted themselves to level it up.

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