Communication Decreasing?

Is there a reason for this? I checked the blue tracker and it only had one post today. Is it just slow to update?

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with just a small team focused on fixing the game and a future content update idk why you’ll expect a response to every single thread. i had a bug report over just a minor dye fix and kept bumping it and they eventually fixed it without even mentioning it so im sure they’re checking stuff out just not responding to every single thing, especially when the only ones that respond are moderators and community managers that have already responded to one post outta the rest and arent actual the game developers themselves.

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we should be getting a new dev video during the week (hopefully today?)

Yeah usually they are posting pretty frequently throughout the day. There is literally one blue post in the dev tracker today.

They have room to improve without replying to every thread.

like they really are checking, lux even made a reply of mine a solution for a server transfer token a few hours ago

I think that seeing “dead game 20k players only” everywhere and many insults in the forum also pushed them back a bit, when they communicate they get trashed anyway so… normal they preserv their mental health i guess

Nb : im not a white knight just saying what I think …


Dont blame them one bit for this. The evil knight game haters are always ready to swoop in with the insults.

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Who insults the CMs? People seem generally nice to them, but just super unhappy with the dev responses or lack of response.

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The marketing team is busy at work scripting the spin for your next ‘dev video’.

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loads insult them. find a few post threads that have admin responses that are a bit big and you’ll see 4 responses usually full of hate messages where some admins even respond back on them no need to be total asses, they are community managers and moderators, they arent the actual devs themselves and cant bother devs for every single thing daily when they are very few and likely busy as hell.

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Yeah because corporations that take money from customers and provide an inferior product should hide under their desks (while receiving a pay check) when well deserved customer dissatisfaction comes their way.

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Lmao i see these kind of forum posts every time on Wednesdays/Thursdays and then in an hour or 2 a new update gets released like bro theyre clearly busy with something


are you busy with something? yes… but nothing that is useful, honestly I think they have no idea how to fix the game since it is a structural problem,

It’s over, the lost ark, the initial boom is over and even so they continue to lose an average of 2k per week in players.

cyberpunk that took the worst premiere of a video game due to its bugs with half the economy that amazon games had corrected 70% of the bugs in the first 3 months.

NW has 6 and the list of recognized bugs has barely gone down. that without going into structural failures or boring mechanics.

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Why are u even here? I thought you go on a games forum if you want to check updates or report a bug or something not to cry 24/7 when no one cares about what you have to say. This games fundamentals are very strong and this months update will fix most if not all bugs the game currently has. Did you even see the ptr changes? Im convinced you didnt bc ur too busy crying on the forum. Go play something else

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Well, their communication has always been dubious, so this isn’t a huge change.

I just assume they figure releasing content is the same as communicating it, especially now when their roadmap is probably drawn on a second-hand Wendy’s napkin and is just, in all caps, the words “PUNCH THINGS.”

If you flip the napkin over, it says-- all caps-- “PUNCH THINGS MORE.”

false, I can name you more than 20 errors that were supposed to be corrected and have not been corrected with the update, and others… 20? 30? that did not exist before the update and now they do exist, without counting the almost 3 days that many players of the bengodi server have been without being able to enter to play since the new update caused the server to kick you out, (if we take into account that amazon is the largest server company and in theory one of the most experienced should have…) which also curiously coincides with the release of the lost ark…

If others have commented about it literally above me theres your evidence mate. No need for the toxic attitude. if you want me to go link or take pictures thats just wasting my time doing something others just mentioned.

Remember that no amount of feeding trolls will sate their hunger.

Still nothing pointed out just conjecture with no proof on your part. Try harder. Oh and using the cliche word ‘toxic’ doesn’t prove any point.

I can see that, ill ignore him from now on.