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I have an idea i want to share :
I really hope they add a “lock on” stat, after you queue for a mode
Lets say you have bow + rapier and you queue for arena or opr, you cant change anything after that, gear and weapons, so you’re forced to play like that, this would help a lot if the game notice each player weapons and put each on different teams to balance mode … Like healer on each team in arena … Or same healers and ranged… On opr for each team

World vs World (Server vs Server) mode. :slightly_smiling_face:

(WvWvW / SvSvS )

Played 15k hours of guild wars 2, 10k of that was wvw.

Hi all,
I tryed to put some ideas in place, without completely destroy the current map layout.
The focus is to place 4 capturable point, making resource control more important.
I have olso created a separated topic about this.

  • Two capturable Forts are moved more externally in the map, to where they were Baroness and Brute farming point.

  • The Baroness is moved at the center of the map, replacing central fort.

  • Instead of the two original forts we have two farms. They are capturable point similar to fort but without fortifications.They are near THE ONLY pelts and ores surces of the map. After capturing, in addition to points gain, all the NPC and creatures in the adiacent farming area, such as wolf and mine zone, are frendly to the owner team.

  • All the NPCs and creatures in the farming areas are powered up by a 40%

  • All the ores and pelts source outside of the farming areas are deleted from the map.



I don’t want to write it all again so I’ll just c/p this

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Thanks for dropping in and showing some TLC.
Can you kindly let the dev know that the players do not like the current state of OPR map because
there is not enough cover from range.

I understand that the event people work separately from the other groups. I have loved what they done to the summer and winter event. The new town designs are also great, can we take just 2 weeks of their time (either group) to help refurnish the current OPR map?

Simple things to improve opr:

  1. give us color coded AOE fields (e.g. friendly sacred ground = blue, opponents sacred ground = red)

  2. add more cover to the map so that muskets and bows don’t always have the terrain advantage (caves? A forest?)

  3. add more capture points instead of only the 3 central ones. Split up the Zerg and make small scale fights a bigger part of OPR.


Capture the flag would be siiick

Can we consider lifting the restrictions on armor weapon wearing, so that PVP can force PVE process without zone, and at the same time make PVE serve for PVP players, PVP players buy armor weapon materials to boost their economy

Continuing to force PVP players to participate in PVE is not a smart way to go, it’s too rigid and boring to play, after all, it’s a buyout system


You can sit the entire time slowly turning a node and get a measly 100 points while those that ran ahead failing to do the main objective will outscore you by 1000. They might have changed the node points, but not enough.

We don’t need a new OPR map, we need enhancements to open world pvp. The environmental assets of this game are stunning though very underutilized. At any point in time there are 40-80 players in OPR on any given server. These players could instead be in the open world participating in a dynamic fight.

I recommend the implementation of a pvp zone that changes location throughout the day. I also recommend rewards be given by point control and kills within these zones to incentivize participation. Additionally the loot rewards for kills needs to be enhanced; looting 500 gs gear from a corpse is very unrewarding.

The open world is by FAR the greatest potential of this game. Canning the population into various instances is not a good utilization of the game’s existing assets. There is the potential for creating REPEATABLE pvp content that is unique and does not require massive development investment.


Nothing for those that stayed with you AGS since September 2016 except free game? No title or reward? Even Square Enix had something.

We need this to be more Alt Friendly Meaning not just 1 Character per World.

Also when playing with friends they are send to another town and if they want to play with you they cant as Quests are restricted to the Starting Zone they got.

More Character Customization: How is it possible Female and Males share the same hairstyles, and theres no more body types like fat, skinny, tall or short.

Also stop with the copying Fortnite, ESO and BDO Cashshop, Housing. If you want to copy Cashshop copy World of Warcraft as it stays static and rarely changes.

Housing copy WildStar whose Housing no MMORPG after it has gotten right.

Bring back Prime Gaming Rewards and Twitch Drops for those that missed them.

Lastly do World Bosses like in Bless Unleashed, Aura Kingdom, GW2 were the community joins to kill them but make the Rewards the same for everyone.

I agree. Open world PvP is by far the S tier pvp to be had in this game. The open world is already amazing but right now it isnt used for anything fun. Its just a chestrun area or a farming area and that’s it.

Such a shame that the beautifully designed open world is a boring wasteland of side activities inbetween instanced main content.


Why you play MMORPGS? There are plenty of pure PvP games like MOBAS, shooters etc. where you don’t have to do PvE. If you want third person gameplay, go for Naraka: Bladepoint. It’s all there, no need to stick to a specific genre if you don’t like some aspects of it.


Some different ideas.


For opr I would like to see more simultaneous objectives around the map that allow for smaller skirmishes but contribute to win condition.

But +1 to the randomized open world pvp modes. Maybe utilize the group finder in place of a queue.

Great for a PVP map…just an idea

In trying to nerf muskets, you actually buffed musket in today’s patch. gj AGS, gg.

Nerf nerf nerf. The PVP mindset of New World.