[Community Feedback] What could be a good system to incorporate for the, "Faction Balance," Topic?

Just wanting to hear some community feedback on suggestions.

Remove factions. Make it so that companies can declare war to each other and companies in war can kill also those from opposing companies, who are not flagged.


Factions should work as gateway for pvp. Here some ideas I gave some time ago:

-upon reaching the quest that one needs to choose a faction, add an option to join none along with the three existing factions
-people that join a faction will automatically be set pvp on all time on open world being able to turn pvp off only in settlements or shrines. Upon getting a faction anyone can engage in battles with anyone with up to 3 levels of difference. This would make encounters more dynamic.
-people that don’t join a faction will never be able to turn pvp on.
-people will have “free will” to leave and join other factions at any moment in the game, with only 24h cool down for such action
-being in a faction doesn’t stop you for attacking players from same faction as long they’re on different companies.
-people without a faction would be hired as mercenaries, to sabotage other faction efforts of pushing influence. Being hired as mercenaries would add a temporary icon on character that would state he/she is working for faction X,Y or Z.
-factionless mercenaries would have a reputation system that would tell how much success he/she has on given tasks.
This is an idea that would benefit even more with some fine tuning from the community and would definitively give true purpose for the current useless factions.

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No. The problem with the game isn’t factions. It’s exclusivity if of the core mechanics.

The core mechanics are just bad and are not friendly to casual players (99% of players - most of which have now quit of course). Lots of people bought this game thinking there would be ongoing open world pvp and fun battles over settlements. Little did they know that one would be non-existent and the other instanced for the hardcores.

From the beginning, settlement ownership should have been at the faction level and benefitted factions as a whole (much better for server economies). Flips of settlements and invasions should have been dynamic open world activities that anyone could participate in (NOT scheduled exclusive content). This would have breathed life into open world pvp and made it meaningful and um actually happen.

Current instanced war should have been a ranked gvg mode for the sweatys.


I’ve inquired this many times before as well. I do like the camaraderie (comradery…?) of a conglomerate. It brings an automatic bond by the notion of a color. Its almost like a community of acquaintances and your company is your friends. Your war squad is your inner circle.

I enjoy it a lot and if it was dumbed down to company vs company, I do believe it could be more balanced, but at the cost of this bonding aspect, I’m not so sure if it would be worth it.

I think this could be implimented fairly easily regardless of this issue if power houses domming servers.

People that are faction less and do not partake in PvP would soon yell about paying taxes. Bots would be faction less to benefit greater from this if they were removed.

Would you be okay with paying taxes feeding the PvPers being faction less?

I agree with this whole-heartedly. I bought this game under the assumption that it was a mass open world PvP RPG version of dark souls.

Factions need to be relevant first. Right now their just colors on a gameboard that mean nothing. Offer nothing. Makes companies in control of territories wealthy. No benefit of being in a faction. Hell, I was all for being a plague doctor. But noo 525GS trash.

War is not war. It’s a god awful instanced waste of time that has no remote risk other than the corresponding company not having a limitless gold supply if they lose. Ditching instance, Factions will get to actually do things & not just be a colorful pallet on screen. N ffs raise the faction gear to 590…

  • Remove Instance
  • Create Objectives for weakening Fort defenses, production of siege equipment, ways to disrupt the territories supplies, a raid to hit the territories treasury, ect.
  • Make army chat available after removing instance.
  • Companies can create Army Rosters. Don’t like how one company runs its roster? Other company rosters exist. Make your own. Allies on Roster will be revealed to other allies as blue arrows.
  • Allow companies to form alliances. Alliance friendlies won’t be targetable.
  • Same Faction companies can influence a coup d’etat if the majority doesn’t like how the company runs the damn territory
  • Remove nameplates: Enables stealth, players can do intel gathering, now we’ve got scouts.
  • Enable Fog of War: Not even Nvidia profiler will be able to pick up someone moving prone so easily. Gives rise to ambushes, sappers, and a whole lot more tactics.
  • If you are registered in Army, you are default flagged. All fast travel is disabled. If you unflag to use fast travel, it will boot you from the army. You cannot rejoin the army until after 24hrs.
  • When a faction wins a war. The faction claims not the company.
  • When a faction loses a war. The faction loses the territory not a company
  • The Faction together can fill the treasury to maintain the territory through the town board, NPC treasurer, ect.
  • The Treasury cannot be withdrawn
  • The territory actually changes visually as it gets bigger not just the crafting stations

Players that don’t wanna be for any of the factions should be able to join the corruption. Hell, people should be able to join the pissed off trees. And in invasions that become Open world events not awful instances, Corrupted players can join the event & siege during a “Player Wave”

Factions are worthless because the core game modes are trapped to minigames. If the modes remain instance, remove factions. What’s the point of being 3 warring ideologies if the game doesn’t even reflect that.

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Remove companies, give the spoils of war to each member of the faction.

Otherwise I couldn’t care less about factions, and companies ruin the game.

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Problem with this is you’ll get typical gankers, always several of them in good gear.

Lower level players will just die and be frustrated,the grind to level up would be way harder than now.

Completely separate player influence from Settlements and set territory ownership by AI and rotate it periodically to keep everyone on their toes and all factions even.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

Solves a lot of issues, closes a lot of exploits. Should have been done before launch.

The war system needs to be changed so the same 50 people from the good old boy network don’t get slotted in every war. I’m sick of seeing players leave to go to other servers, only to come back a few days later just to participate in wars and take war slots away from people that stay loyal to the server. It’s messed up and those people are the worst. AGS screwed up big time with the short transfer cooldown. Needs to be 30 days minimum.

This. One of factor that made game lose so many players so fast is bad faction design where 1-2 faction companies could controll 50% of the map with 50 players miling all the gold for themselfs. Normal players just quit the game since they were way behind when it comes to gold and gear by this. So they got destroyed on all pvp by this 1-2 companies and difference just got bigger and bigger over time. And all non hardcore companies from same faction just had nothing to fight for since this 1-2 took all the goodies.

Its bad game design where ags do promote toxicity and want like 100-200 players each server to have fun where other can just farm hemp at best :slight_smile:

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Umm they make money from it

Imo the biggest balance would be to make Everfall into the offical main city, make it grey neutral and set a max earning on the other citites, like 150k max /week and from the 150k 50% would be locked and would have to be spent on the city.
Right now people who rule everfall or WW or whatever is the main city in other servers is basically gods, after a few week they are millionaires or even billionaires after some time which is way too powerfull in a game where everything is player driven.
I still think this is one of the main reason the game died, some clans got grossly over fed with gold, built up an unbeatable army just from the infinite amount of gold and no other company had a chance agaisnt them, which made the palyers demotivated and left the game.
Also, everfall owners can easily do RMT and some governors made insane amount of euros from that, dont ask me how I know it, not going to talk about it more.

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