Community Managers/Customer Service Need Recognition

sl3nder reporting in, hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to pick out some superstars here from the forums. We all know the devs are hard at work, probably going crazy behind the scenes, overworked and trying everything they can to keep this game alive and make it into something that will be around for years. And so far, i think yall are doing great!

However, there are certain individuals that I wanna call out specifically that have been absolutely outstanding and want to give them recognition. Please dont turn this post into something negative and if it heads there, please close the discussion because this is something very positive.

@Shadow_Fox @Luxendra @Wyvernn @Aenwyn I want to take the time to point out these individuals. These folks have one of the hardest jobs. They have to listen to all the negative people out there, the toxic people and all the rest of the players and somehow, keep their cool and remain professional when at times, it must be very hard to do. You guys are always there to listen, even when we are yelling! You keep your word, you pass on the messages when you say you will and you get us our answers when we ask you questions. I’ve played every mmorpg under the sun and have NEVER seen devs/customer service as active as you have been for ANY game EVER! Sometimes it takes a while to get our answers, but we get them. You guys/gals are working at the busiest and most engaging aspect of the business, where the road meets the rubber and are doing a fantastic job. I just wanted to say thank you.

I know i left out some people and i hope to get to know more of you as we go through this journey together. Thanks for being there, thanks for getting us our answers and thank you for helping make this game what it is today, a fantastic mmorpg with an enormous amount of potential. I hope we succeed and are able to play this game for years to come. Lets all give the team a big round of applause and the recognition they deserve but seldom get. GG everyone.



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