Companies charging gold to not get kicked in invasions

There’s a company in my server saying in discord you have to trade their Gm and donate 200 gold each or get kicked from the invasion. They even kicked a level 60 that wouldnt pay to let in a lvl 54.

You tell those ppl to fk off and next time let them deal with their own invasion, it’s really simple.
The whole system is stupid anyway. They put way too much power to grief in players hands and many many players today are complete psychopaths.

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gotta make them papers kid. don’t like it create your own company and let those that sign up join you events

(1) Why even pay when you can just AFK in Outpost Rush and not even work for loot?
(2) That invasion is doomed to ultimately fail anyway because they’ve been overtuned since forever. Either they are collecting coin to pay for repairs, or they are just milking the system. Either way…
(3) Yet another reason to completely separate player influence from Settlements.
Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums
Not just because of asses trying to extort people trying to play the game, but also because (especially on lower-pop servers) Companies can’t really afford to upkeep highly upgraded Settlements. The whole system is broken by so many variables that AGS can’t control.

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Did you tell them to F*ck off?

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