Companies, Have to much power

Companies, should only be aloud to spend taxes on the town and fort. I think town buffs need to be removed in able to push trade skill to get 600gs. Since that gives companies too much power, on the server that I’m on Kibu. The companies that have owned WW the main town on the map. Only use crafting buffs to give their own faction or those that are going to change faction. To know when they are going to drop the buffs. Now us left behind on the lower faction are left unable to craft 600gs. So we spend weeks crafting never to achieve 600 Gs is really putting me off this game. I have given up pushing crafting because its pointless since cant achieve that. Companies just use everyone to fund their gear and wars. Which is unfair and stopping anyone that isnt in those companies to progress. Its also driving even us the most dedicated players that want to play New world.

To not want to play anymore, as progression is not happening. We ask for help in our own faction and they just tell us to go away. That Water Mark doesn’t matter ect. its divided our faction and as the game gets harder in the high zone. We are trying to do content but if we are being used by our own faction companies just to use us as cash cow to fund wars when they change faction. Why are faction change even in the game? its just making people back stab and taking all the money from the companies to fund themselves. So I dont see how this is great for the game at all. Why do I want to put in the effort to do anything Pvp or Pve since we have all been stunted.

I think these things need to need to change for the bettering of the game.

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