Companies Jumping Servers - Whats the point?

This weekend a bunch of companies relocated to a new server. I have seen this happen several times. Why are companies doing this? One of the companies owned Everfall, a cash cow in this game. Doesn’t this indicate that the whole factional warfare model may not be working? Any thoughts please, thanks!

Maybe they moved to an Erotic Role Play server.


ERP? Well, that I can understand but wasn’t aware that this game had servers for that. :kissing: I just don’t think this factional warfare is working.

Your answer is probably in here Super-companies are going to kill what’s left of the game - General Discussion / General Discussion - New World Forums


Yeah, most of the stuff in this game doesn’t work.

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They either jumping because there is no challenge anymore or because they cant beat the challenge.


I was part of a company that lost all their territories on our server, so the “pvp” people in the company who were always slotted in wars, left to go to a more pvp oriented server. They still have no territories on the new server, but yet they keep coming back to their old server to war with other factions, while taking war slots from players that stay loyal to their server. It’s a broken system.

AGS design of the faction system was a game killer. Many, many People came to this game thinking they would have constant open world pvp and fun settlement battles. Little did they know that open world pvp didn’t occur, no PvP was available at all really until level 60, and the core mechanics of the game were locked behind instanced exclusive content for sweatys. Between this, silly grind, and the original consequences of the above system (ridiculous taxes and travel costs) the game lost about 90% of its players.

THEN it’s lost another 9% who were willing to stick around due to HORRIBLE population management. They needed to merge populations early and aggressively and they did NOT. Instead they waited and waited while more and more people left. Then gave out these stupid transfer tokens so people can server hop and continue to destroy servers.


A lot of companies are moving servers because attacking is more fun than defending… another reason is because a single territory owns the entire map and all the strong companies are funneled into one faction.

IMO the faction system needs to be removed. Let any company attack any company. Factions in a whole provide little to no benefit whatsoever. If they add war exhaustion and remove the faction system - this game would flourish.

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