Companies kicking randomly selected players from invasion

Its a complicated issue and I see both sides but I can tell you one thing… Its a really bad system that if you arent in one of the few companies that run territory and furthermore in the top group of those companies then you pretty much just never get to do a war or invasion and when thats basically the only pvp/endgame event right now its pretty bad.

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:rofl: Okay, link the video and I’ll watch it.

What happened is everyone started booting pubs for being toxic trolls and then you got upset on the forums. Just pay your taxes, citizen. :joy: Look, I do get it. I’m not saying I don’t get it. But you need to kind of understand you’re only looking at half the issue here.

If you’re a good player, there’s ways to earn the trust of any company. Show up to help them defend forts. Show up when they need the PVP quest loops run. You don’t even have to be particularly good at the game. Trust me, we do eventually notice who is helping and who just wants a participation trophy because they clicked a button on a warboard.

It would help a great deal if every other aspect of end-game weren’t entirely broken or currently disabled. Outpost rushes seem cool, but half of us can’t even join them anyhow because of the “pending invite” bug. There’s a fix for it that works for some players, but not others. Whole game is a hot mess if you ask me.

Coordinating 50 guild members is easier than trying to coordinate 40 random weirdos that refuse to get in discord and don’t really care whether or not you win or lose, they’re just there for the gold and azoth.

Hell, enemy faction members can even participate and potentially sabotage the invasion. No thanks, it’s a big boot for you.

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Oh totally agree, if there was bgs (outpost rush) or actual people flagged for world pvp I wouldnt even bother with wars if I could get into them.
But sadly right now wars are the only thing to do at 60 if you are lucky enough to get in one for 30 mins of the day.

Well, I have 3 wins but two of them bugged out. I am yet to see anyone whether they kick people and impose their own or not to succeed, so that’s a false reason to kick people.

Depending on your server, there’s serious war / conflict fatigue already. Our faction has some wars that fill almost entirely with pubs because we helped some guild with like 10 people cap a town but can’t afford to keep helping them defend it. Our heavy hitters are burned out from constantly having to grind down an influence meter, take back a fort, or sign up for a million wars that turn into massive Lag Zergfests.

I would imagine that most servers will have plenty wars that are half-pub.

After the reply from AGS re: killing waves of enemies actually increases the damage your town receives, I highly doubt most people will be engaging in them anymore.

Yes, exact same thing happened in my old server. Constant wars was tough on people. Anyway, I would reverse what you said. Kick people if they are misbehaving, that’s fair but kicking people b/c they are not from your faction is not. It takes Azoth / effort to even sign up for these events as they pop up all over the map.
Again, if Amazon says company can fill in all spots, or only the faction that owns the territory can join that’s fine but current state allows abuse and unnecessarily frustrates people.

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Umm, but this says otherwise: Invasions - topic closed, gm info inside

lol - What a hot mess. AGS’s left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing. Invasions - topic closed, gm info inside - #20 by gkusev

So, I don’t know about everyone else here or if it’s been mentioned in the past, but… If an invasion is happening for your territory and you have full droves of other factions in on it, they could just be in that invasion to mess everything up and finalize an attack, which diminishes your build up defenses also… Anyone brought that up? This can be used as a tactic.

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Yeah… I don’t know what your server looks like, but our Greens have 1 guild with 5 territories and they sign up to throw every one else’s invasions. Maybe the politics of your server are different.

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Wait for amazon to patch it. Good luck on that

Actually, only one company is doing that in my new server but it was rampant in my old server. My company owned two territories and we did not kick anyone. Officers kept tab of people who would misbehave and remove them but was not a rampant / thoughtless kick. The word was ‘this was a bannable offense’ but I dont know if that’s true or not, hence why I asked for an official stance so we all know what the intention is.

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people less so do it per company, & more so for faction. It happens on my server be Syndicate has has marauders (our biggest enemies) join, & stand still. They do nothing to help, so we’d rather have as many purps over greens as possible.

still not a reason to kick others, we won another last night, and lost one (no leadership whatsoever from the cityowner) the first one was VERY well organized, callouts for where help was needed and people moved very smoothly between the gates and the bosses died extremely fast, contra the fail where bosses lasted for ages

There is a difference between randoms doing whatever and actually winning them. My company wins some of the time when we get the right people and are all communicating on discord. We have about 100 people from our faction that all have the corruption trophies in their houses, infused coatings, appropriate gems, honing stones, and T5 stat food. With all that we will make sub 4 minutes easy and win if we don’t miss a body block on sprigins. When I do invasions with the other factions they are lucky to make sub 10 minutes and they do stupid things like place all their traps instead of holding them for dropping under the bosses. If AGS wants the randoms to be able to stay they need to tune the invasions to be mindless facerolls. No company is going to risk 100k+ of re-upgrading on randoms if they can help it.


I understand the risk for companies, but the statement “Governing company can select only 10 players” is simply being circumvented by kicking people until the desired company members are invited.

The invasions are a nice way for people who are not in companies that control regions to still participate in some cool large activites, but it’s just being taken away like this.

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