Companies ruining servers then leaving

That’s some pirate shit right there, invade, plunder and pillage, then sail off into the sunset singing sea shanties of their adventures with everyone’s gold…

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yeah it sounds romantic, until you go to log in and pay house tax for the smallest house and for some reason its 2k per week, go to craft and it’s 100’s of gold, but who knows…maybe in their infinite wisdom this is exactly the kind of “compelling gameplay” they hoped for.

Why do you think they gave companies the choice to adjust the taxes and fees up to that specific level? You don’t think they put the max level thinking someone would use max level?

There was no server transfer initially…so you had to stay put and deal with the consequences.

Well I was in a company that for no reason raised the taxes to max because 2 people bought houses and they wanted quick gold, I chastised them for an hour about why not to do it, and they did it twice more after that… Some people are just degenerates

This is primarily rooted in three issues – (1) allowing players to influence Settlements (2) low population in many servers which is further lowered by players who quit at this type of exploit and don’t come back, especially when these Companies use exploits and cheats to win the Settlements; and (3) Free Transfers enabling them to move around for free.

Completely removing all player influence from Settlements will solve this and many other issues.
AGS doesn’t need to waste any of their time investigating and resolving such issues as this.

As for “lore” – the Lore is that all ships trying to leave are utterly destroyed. So there’s really nowhere for them to go. Jumping to another “server” is not Lore.

What would those concequences be?

re-read the thread…i mention it within the first 20 seconds.

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Where? Can’t see and dont know what 20sec in writing means…

If a company max out the taxes. What would the concequences be if they can’t server transfer?

You didn’t read the thread did you XD

Forge an alliance and gain the territory back as they all left?

Yes, but I can’t see what you talk about. I dont know what 20sec into text means. Can you quote it? I have a specific question and a point I want to make.

If a company max out the taxes. What would the concequences be if they can’t server transfer?

Sure…but everything is de leveled…and until the war goes through your taxes are through the roof. Even when you do get it back it will take weeks to level everything again.

potentially people could overthrow the company and take the territory back. Which you can still do after they leave the server of course, but they are much more likely NOT to level everything down to nothing if they are staying on the server…etc etc. The whole point is if people plan on sticking around they behave MUCH differently, if they can just start over with a clean slate and gold cap…well…it won’t bring about the best in people to say the least. Just curious if AGS thought this through, if it’s intended and so on…

PvP working as intended…

Who would have thought that giving players a way to financially grief each other could go so wrong?

So what would the concequences be for that specific company be if they would stay on the server after they maxed out taxes and did that?

i already told you…twice if you count the initial thread.

taxes are pvp?

Not once have you mentioned the concequences only what you believe are more likely to not happen.

The concequences is that they lose their territory and progression. Right? The very same thing they lose by transfering server. Right?

My point is. Taxes and fee levels are by design. Companies play the game. If you don’t agree then you fight them and take control over the territory.

The only problem is that you add personal opinions and feeling into these PvX features of the game.

In a sense yes it is. Don’t mistake me, just because I say something is working as intended doesn’t mean I approve of it. I think the devs put a lot of dumb ideas into this game and it will take time for them to modify the game to find the right balance.

I’m not saying it’s good PvP but it is a form of PvP. And it IS something the devs wanted to happen in this game. I don’t think they anticipated this level of griefing which is extremely naive on their part though.

Hopefully the coming changes to the trading posts will alleviate some of these issues and allow people to escape areas with oppressive taxes.