Companies using exploits to take over territories

There is currently a faction on the Xibalba server that is actively using exploits to capture every territory on the map. They have been seen en mass during wars over the last few days spam crouching for heals, using the indoor hammer slam down ability, the rapid fire staff bug, and most recently the harsher exploit that lets you do 3x damage permanently. Their excuse is that they “are just using the weapon and can’t help if it bugs” yet all these exploits require you to actually proc them. The territory status needs to either be rolled back a week or a mass ban wave against exploiters needs to occur immediately. It’s gotten to the point where nobody from the other factions will bother flagging up anymore.

Not only your server. I guess every server has this problem. Not to mention the hatchet bug where you can tripple the damage. People loose interest in PvP because of all those exploits.

On Marsic they just pushed a territory to 100% in an hour. There was no chance to push it back before they’ve thrown the territory into a conflict state. Wow!

I guess it won’t take long until people stop playing because PvP is just no fun anymore.

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