Companion software, for creating AARs

Just throwing this out there, but if we had AGS approved recording and screen capture editing programs, I might just try my hand at an AAR for New World.

I’m old, with time on my hands, so it might be interesting to do an After Action Review, for a New World character, but I’m much more likely to do such a thing if I could buy some cheap tools to run concurrently with a play session, so I could record short video’s and get some automatic screen captures to edit into the story.

Is there anything on the horizon for this type of thing?

I would think that AAR’s of New World Play would be both fun and a Great thing for showing off what NW has to offer, as well as being able to make video’s and pictures in their own right.

How many folks would like to see something like The adventures of somehotshotplayer or something like that?

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