Company control over Invasions

Companies should not have any control over kicking members out of invasions! They kick people out just so that their buddies who are next in line, can join. Big companies have too much control over this game and it makes everything unenjoyable for the “little guys”. Just like wars. Disappointing.


You realize if you lose an invasion your town can be down graded, companies put in tons of money to upgrade crafting and defenses, as well as upkeep which is huge, I’d kick the entire Rando commando force that joins and hand pick the player I know are going to win that battle. If you want in join the company, pay your dues and contribute rather then being a meat sack who contributes nothing but complaints.

Sorry but that’s the harsh truth


Companies should have more of a say, I agree, but it’s clearly not intended for them to be able to choose more than 10 members in an invasion. The income you receive from towns is already ridiculously overtuned, invasions are a good way to keep it in check (and in some cases, the only way)

Not exactly, if your town doesn’t have a high rate of people crafting, buying homes or trading you’re going to generate less money from taxes, places like everfall and windward which are central are going to have a higher rate of tax revenue. There’s lots of contributing factors that go into towns which generate money.

Besides the point, a company who has either bought or won a town, upgraded and defended should definitely have say in who joins. They’re more likely people who play together and strategize together, they’re more adept at planning the defense and attacks, they know a the majority of strengths and weaknesses of the players who play with them. It’s much easier to plan a defense or attack with people you play with and communicate with, whereas some rando commando is a wild card who can help throw a battle.

For example we had an attack planned for monarch but the game glitched and did an invasion instead, but at the same time contested ebonhold, so that’s where we had our war. We had 2 companies sign up and a ton of randos, as soon as the gates opened up they grabbed a bunch of seige gear, ran into the open to assemble them and immediately got killed and the seige destroyed, no one followed any direction and our team was immediately routed within the first 10 minutes. We had to turtle our fort and I’d say 1/4 went afk and didn’t help.

That cost us 30k gold, it was a complete waste and didn’t accomplish anything, we couldn’t even learn a different strategy because 50% of our forces where useless. This is a big big BIG reason why company leaders are picky, you need to have some sort of strategy to win, communication and certain roles to do certain things, other wise you get a mess of people who are just cannon fodder.

I do agree that it shouldn’t be gated this bad, but when your town is on the line, something that you’ve put in hours trying to hold and defend, gold to upgrade ect ect, you don’t want to leave it to chance

I’m not sure if you’re trying to be condescending or what. Of course I know towns get downgraded. You also know that EVERYONE that participates in that town pays their dues with crafting fees, taxes etc. Why should I join a big company to get to enjoy PvE or PvP content like invasions or War? What you are saying is, that if you are not part of a big company then you shouldn’t be able to defend your own town? You don’t think the average players also put money down either on a house etc and relies on those crafting facilities? What makes us smaller company players or non company players any less important?

Then you go and throw insults. If we are not a part of a big company then we are meat sacks? What does that make you guys? A bunch of tryhards? It’s not like you are putting your own real world money into the game. Everyone works just as hard in game to be where they are. And we want to enjoy the content that is available. So to be kicked out, just so you can invite your buddies, should not be acceptable. And your reply just proves how big companies just want to control every aspect of this game. The game doesn’t belong to you, nor does content. Again, we ALL work together to build a town. We ALL do the missions to finish construction or upkeep. So we should all get to defend the town we call home, without being kicked because “I don’t know you”.

Such an angry person you’ll never see any other reason other then your own… No you do not pay dues if you’re not in a company, our company has a 100 gold per week due to keep our coffers up, that’s not the same as taxes, we also participate in events such as war practice, group PvP to better strategize, we go to our fort to learn the layout of the land of how better to defend it.

Anyone that wants to come can do so, and anyone that does has a better chance at joining us when it comes to invasions and wars since we know these people will understand our strategy. We are not going to leave it to Chance to have a random strategy of zerg fest into the enemy and die, we put in the time whereas other players have not.

You want in a war or invasion? Go take a town and see how hard it is to hold, see how much money it takes to keep, see how much effort it takes in general.

Also calm down, your too angry

Lol such a childish response. First insulting me and now saying I’m angry for no reason. This post was not directed at you in the first place. You want to take this game so seriously? Lol go for it. I’m calling on the devs to do something for this unbalancing of big companies over small companies. I really don’t care what you do. You guys sound like such a drag. It’s a game kid lol. Chill, relax. Enjoy it. Bunch of sweaty kids. Anyway. Like I said, this isn’t for you. So bye kid.

That’s funny, did you write that while looking in a mirror, pretty sure you’re just replying to yourself lmao

Look kid. This is a forum to discuss issues. If you have a problem take it elsewhere. Not sure why you are coming on here and trying to troll. Let the adults talk. You can see your way out. Go plan your tactics for your big company. You keep coming back. Why? Are you a dev? No I didn’t think so. Sounds to me like you are just some aggro kid that has nothing better to do with his time. Typical immature behavior. Goodbye. Thank you for your input.

Exactly what I was doing, giving you the perspective of someone in a large company who sees why we want to be in control of our own settlement that we either bought or won. How much of the 200,000 gold did you contribute to buy our 2 towns? And the money for upgrades? Did you cleat you schedule as soon as the settlement was attacked and war declared? Or did you see at the last minute you could get in?

If you want a better chance to participate join the company, of you can’t then run groups with that company, help them out when they need it, put some time into them, don’t just expect to be prioritized over a dedicated player.

The self loathing and entitlement you’re exuding is very telling of what kind of person you are, elbow grease is a real thing, maybe you should learn to use it

Lmao are you serious right now? You are literally reeking with self entitlement, thinking that you should only be able to enjoy certain content if you are part of a large company. Telling me I am not putting any work into the game because I’m not a part of a large company. Who do you think you are? Self loathing? Lol. Do you even know what that means? I never said I wanted to be prioritized lmao. Bro just leave. Your opinion is not wanted on my thread. You are seriously obsessed. Something is seriously wrong with you. Once again, bye. The fact that you keep coming back is evidence enough of your troubling behavior.

I’m sorry, but at this moment, you seem to be the one filled with entitlement. OP is asking for changes in the system because non company members can’t attend a war without being kicked instantly for other people. I fully agree with that.

Yes, you can join a company, but guess what. The max amount of players in a company is 100. One of the biggest features of the game is currently locked behind a door where only 100 players can get through. Wanting to be a part of said feature is not entitlement.

Claiming that the feature is only for you, because your company paid a lot of money to keep the settlement is entitlement. Not realizing that this is a problem for the other players of the game, again, is entitlement. Talking about self loathing…

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I’m working right now so I don’t have much to do other then reading the forums; yes you are being self entitled, why should the people who spent the gold and time not be able to defend their settlement? You have no idea how hard it was to get the first 100k to get a town before the other factions did.

Do you think a baker shouldn’t be able to sell his bread because other people want it? Should he have to just give it away since others don’t want bread? Obviously not, they should have to provide some sort of exchange, just because they want the bread doesn’t mean he should have to give it to them…

Do I think they should rework the invasion and war system so more people can play? Of course it’s a rediculous system that limits people, but I don’t think the ones who’be put in the time should lose out to some rando commando. So why don’t you go buy a town, upgrade it, defend it and when It comes time for war or an invasion you don’t get to play, let’s see you be perfectly fine with that and not complain

Thank you! Finally someone that gets it. People like him is what’s turning features in this game that are supposed to be enjoyable, into a toxic ordeal.

I know this is a problem for other players, but until they fix it the ones who have put in the most effort should be the ones who get to play. This isn’t entitlement it’s what’s fair.

I don’t understand how you people think, if you put the minimum or no effort into something you should be on the bottom of the list, if you put in the most effort you should be on the top.

You work harder then anyone else and someone whose never at work gets the promotion, is that fair to you? You work 12 hours a day and another person works 2, who should get paid more?

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Put plainly, screw you. You don’t invest into the upgrades lost, you don’t put in the work to raise up the crafting stations. You are an overly entitled player.

People like yourselves who think they should get everything just because of no reason are the true toxic people

Devs should institute a means for players from other companies to be able to contribute meaningfully to the growth of the territory if that’s the prevailing stance. I’d contribute construction materials or gold in a heartbeat if it meant I’d actually be considered to join a war

To be fair we DO pay taxes to use the crafting stations and market in those territories but I still see your POV.

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Without the people spamming the mission boards all day, you would not have your settlement. Saying that people not being part of the controlling company do not put in the work is absurd and just false. Without those people, you wouldn’t have anything. Yes, you invest money in clicking the upgrade button. Guess what. This money comes from taxes.

The war system is broken. Simple as that.

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Lmao. Wow you are extremely dense. In all the servers I played on during beta and release, companies were asking for donations from anyone to claim the first territory. Some rando commando? Lol we are all just random people on the internet playing a game. This isn’t real world or real war. You want to play a war hero so bad, go do something with your life then instead of taking a game so damn seriously. Invasions are first come first server. If you sign up then you should get to play. Easy as that. If a player leaves, or AFKs, then the next person in line enters. Just because we are not a part of a large company doesn’t mean we don’t put any work into the game or the town. That is the part that you are coming off as entitled. Worst part is you don’t even see it. But you are so toxic it’s crazy.