Company gold limit?

I craft and sell items and the 500k limit is filling up quickly. Is there any problem if I set up a company and transfer gold there so that there is no problem in my trade?

Also, is there a company gold limit? How many k gold is the limit?

It’s allowed and I want to say it’s 15m? I don’t know for sure.

Side note: Really wish the economy of the game wasn’t like this. There’s no good reason why stuff should be expensive to the point of individual pieces of gear going for gold cap. Reasons why I don’t like player driven economies lol. Also AGS really should’ve thought this whole company owned territory/tax system out better.

Current state of crafting is the true culprit. Takes a hundred rolls to make a bis o_O.

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That is definitely a factor, BUT who is setting the prices for these materials, us :moyai:.

Prices are so high for things mainly because everyone knows that there are people/companies with a ridiculous excess of gold.

Irrelevant answers to the question I asked. (:slight_smile:

Yes, many people do that. Just create a company and deposit all your gold there, company gold limit is 5M, so you’re good.

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