Company Gold Still Missing


After logging in my consuls noticed that our entire company bank was wiped out. We only have 3 consul (1 of which has not logged in in over 17 days). None of the 3 withdrew the gold. I read a couple of posts regarding paying town upkeep and once a patch hit the company bank was zeroed out. Daily withdraw limit is set at 0.50.

Could someone please look into this?

Server: Aztlan
Company: The Purple Reigns
Date of occurrence: 12/15/21
Amount of gold missing: 20,000-25,000

Not sure what other information might be needed.

Is there any update on this? We have never gotten a follow-up.

Hi @Infinite.

I’m sorry that your gold on New world disappeared.

We like to take a closer look into this issue with you, when you have a chance, please use the link here to speak with our Customer Service team:

Please make sure you send this link to the agent so we can help you to investigate this issue, also give them all the information needed. And please let me know how was it!

Cheers! :raised_hands: :sunny:

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