Company Intentionally using War bug to Exploit and win

Yellow company using a bug to gain a competitive advantage I.e. Exploiting

  • What is your character name in New World: Gravity Well Gaming
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Macaria
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Entire company using a war bug to exploit and win the war as strategy
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Using the bug to exploit
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Created a toxic environment, exploited to win wars and control the map, this company lost all of the wars prior to this bug.
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: TBD
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced: Twitch
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: They all used ice gauntlets on one point at a time to lag the server, as they explained in the clip “lag the server, cap, and win” “we will fix our tactic when they fix their severs” on 5 separate wars.

just on time, hopefully this will fix that

  • Fixed a War exploit where players could use area of effect (AoE) magic effects to capture rally points without taking damage. This should be improved by the War performance and Life Staff performance updates, but we will continue to monitor to see if issues persist.
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“Hopefully” it does fix it, but the damage is done… I mean not only does this break TOS but its intentional exploiting… (using a bug to create a competitive advantage) If that’s not ban worthy then what is?

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for this, try getting the screenshot or video, then send it to amazon directly, they may get the ban hammer

I appreciate that in 1.03 the devs inserted code to research the situation, but by then they had already let cheaters run rampant for about a week and then another week since the 1.03 patch.

That research had a cost to legitimate players everywhere.
Bans will not be enough. There should be compensation.

And it boggles the mind that they prioritized server transfers to let cheaters switch servers with their ill-gotten gains.

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When I saw this clip it, I was disgusted! and to be honest, I dont know if I want to play anymore. This is solid evidence, its pretty cut and dry… they are cheering on the “strategy” to exploit and win. If i wanted Amazon to see this clip where what site would I go to? is just shopping. These jerks really deserve it because they are not only rude, but they are flinging around hate, “Fots and Rards”, talking about how they are so much better but clearly they are cheating. And its funny they hadn’t won any wars before this exploit came up. Really fostering an environment that is encouraging people to just stop playing.

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I watched that guys whole video, from that clip, and that clip was before the war with the same guys, and they used it again! Somehow they were able to win that war, but then the same 2 companies fought the next night, low and behold the Yellow company Gravity well Gaming ( my name here because these guys will definitely harass me if i used my real name) did it again and won. So now they own 4 territories after having zero from wars prior to the bug.

New World - Support | Amazon Games in there there’s a report a player and company, click that, then report outside the game option, and there’s a weblink, provide all the evidences you can, and say goodbye to the toxic company, advice also your mates to do the save, massive reporting with evidences is something to consider

I’ll do it, I doubt I can say goodbye. But thank you Nabi! The server would be a much better place without them.

Hey I want to do everything we can as a community to get exploiters punished as soon as possible, do you think you could post the clips where it can be proven that it was in fact that company exploiting. Cheers!

Couple things off here.

  1. Person talking in the clips isnt in gravity well gaming
  2. That was said in one war and it wasnt one run by gravity well gaming
  3. We did not all use ice gauntlets you can see how few ice storms are on the point if you watch the vods of our wars.
  4. Ice gauntlets don’t cause all the lag, it is caused by a lot of people being in one spot and all of the heal aoes(heal circles, beacons)
  5. Our company is made up of mainly pvp players who were in other factions on the server. We all switched to yellow to play together and fight people. We are very good at the game which is why we took so much territory so fast.
  6. We own 3 territories not 4.

If you have a clip showing us actually using the exploit you say we use, I would love to see it.

Additional point, this guy is probably from fever dreams on our server (the biggest purple company who has like 4 sister companies) and we have actual evidence of one of their members practicing to use an actual exploit (the machine gun staff thing where you can light attack 4 times a second) AND the guy in the video we have said thats what he was doing.


heres the clip btw: Screen capture - 6533ce60c5423edaa0d45731c291bc01 - Gyazo


You know whats funny, hes trying to say thats my company when its not even my company, but we did partake in that war to help win, no one exploited or cheated And the person you here talking in the video hes showing if you watched the full video of it he says that and then they laugh because they acuse us of cheating before so he said it jokingly. They continuously try to say we are exploiting because they are bad and have a horrible leader and strats. They are mad because they lost one of there territory’s that makes them gold so they can sell gold. we have all the proof that there selling gold. Master peace in Fevers Dream. They try saying we are exploiting with ice gauntlets when we only ahve 3 ice guant users on the team. and in one of his videos he admits that him and his company only exploits when they need to. every war we face against them about 20-30 of them is using war hammer and spamming shock wave while stacked on point with all there points in con, and they have about 2 healers per group and they stack there beacons and other abilities and it makes the lag even worse. He tried saying that when they do this it corrects the lags and makes it less laggy. Hes delusional and doesn’t know what hes talking about. Just to clear the air about this.


You know what’s even funnier… I searched my name on the forums after reading the patch notes to find this. I know kind of vein, but don’t act like you’ve never googled yourself! I was wondering how a clip overnight got so many views, I guess now I know.

Hello all, Good morning, that is my video from my stream, the clip that I played was sent to me so I showed it. Highschool was 25+ years ago for me, I thought we were done with all the drama ladies? In my very last stream we talked about how we were going to try to collectively foster a healthier more respectable sever. “The lie detector determined… that was a lie!”

Let’s clear the air about a few things, shall we?

1st off- GravityWellGaming (the poster), She is apart of Green and reached out to me to thank me for showing that clip. She asked if I reported you, and I responded no, mainly… to your credit, you are our biggest competition, and the other companies are pretty far behind y’all. So how did this devolve into baseless accusations about me personally, and the company that I’m PLAYING A VIDEO GAME with?

2nd - No it wasn’t your war, but it was you guys participating in that war, and it was Gravity Well gaming in the war @Windsward where my clip is from, and it was gravity well in Brightwood the following night where the same strategy that is explained in your clip was used in our wars.

3rd - How dare you try to drag my good name down through the mud! Why? Because I showed a clip of people clearly saying that they were going to exploit, or is it something else… Hmm? I wonder, or is there some racial undertone there? Sure feels like it. Constant harassment “Can’t stand that an educated person of color has such a nice set up, good following, a fun time, lets rain on his parade.” Guess what, if that is the case, its not the first or even 50th time, and unfortunately wont be the last.

3b - Amazon owns AWS, which is amazing at keeping data points and analyzing that data, I’d love to have them go through my gold records, hear that amazon, you have my permission, in fact lets do it live on stream. Ha accusing me of being a gold seller “with proof”. Again, How dare you! Sounds like deflection to me.

4th- @ Arkon1 … Nice name Arkon Won. He really is in your head, like just leave us alone, you guys are borderline harassing me personally and us as a company, coming on to my stream trying to take shots, Harrenhall verbally abusing me through DMs while yall talk smack in global about me without me even being online. Grow up.

5th - @Harlee Fever dreams and Co. are 13-1 in war- Give credit where credit is due, and I’ve streamed each of those wars with our strat publicly, after you guys learned our strat you flipped to yellow and tried to beat us several times and we beat you with the same “Bad Strategy” several times prior to renaming to GWG. I’d Love to go through your guys’ VOD’s of war, but the day I streamed that clip, is the same day he pulled all of his VOD’s… Something to hide? Maybe coincidence.

6th- Yes, I MIS-SPOKE, live, in front of my biggest audience, after a very closely contested war where the attacking team, Gravity Well Gaming, almost beat us. There was lag the whole time. We knew that you were going to try to lag the cap points, so we did our research and learned that the Hammer is the most effective counter, because the abilities still proc, and CC through the lag. No one said anything about correcting the lag, you may be the delusional one. After my miss speak, I immediately without hesitation corrected myself. When you guys tried to “Gotcha clip” that misspeak, I made a clip from before that same war and showed our TIMESTAMPED message about how our company will not be participating in any glitches, exploits or cheats. Again… nice try.

Every war you faced us, you lagged the points, intentionally??? sure seems like it, but maybe not. Prior to the Company name change you guys lost 3 wars to us so if we are bad, what are you?

Thank God this isn’t a thing anymore- Patch 1.0.4 to save the game. To the original poster, yeah this kind of CHILDISH drama, and bugs\ exploits, makes me want to stop playing the game also. If I did I would hopefully stop getting harassed by the likes of you and your company.

Good Day Sirs.

Not really big into self plugs so thanks for all the Pub. All are welcome. Including yall from GWG, just be respectful.

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Correction, WE didn’t use that strategy at all, we sent 2 groups to 2 different points to reduce the lag, your grasping at straws, to bad you couldn’t hear our coms this time around. With the gold selling in Fever Dreams, We have the proof screenshots of it. You guys been doing nothing but harassing GwG for the past week nothing but that. You called Audoban a cheater just because he switched from purple to yellow. like come on bro. We don’t even need your strat first off, its a horrible strat hence why we keep winning due to better leadership and coordination. We do know your wars cause most of us was on the main war team in syndicate when we where on syndicate. You didn’t miss spoke you just trying to cover your but. you slipped up and releveled you guys exploit. War was lagged due to a lot of people standing on point and servers cant handle that. you guys aren’t 13-1 at all. You guys think your the best when your not. you guys loose a war and accuse us of cheating you guys cant admit you guys actually lost cause we bested you guys in strats. Since this isn’t a thing anymore now you can kiss the rest of your territory’s good bye, will be a lot easier to destroy you guys. Then you have Swishers from Fever Dreams your own company doing the Life staff exploit in the center of town. we have video proof. You guys aren’t high and mighty when you accuse people of exploiting when you have people exploiting. Stop trying to show clips and videos that just prove the server is horrible with lag. lmaooo, your whole team was spamming life staff stuff on the point and made it lag more, plus with 20 of you hammer users spamming shockwave. Get your facts straight without making things up.

Before the name change, we only lost 1 war thank you very much. When we were on syndicate we didn’t loose a single war, between being on the main force of syndicate and our own territory.

“I serched my name on the forums after reading the patch notes to find this.” Wow, GwG really is in your head, huh? This is the second time I hear you were up early thinking about us. Last time you even made a 1000 word essay that you were going to read on stream. Although, you chickened out, because you probably realized how dumb it would have been.

“Can’t stand that an educated person of color has such a nice set up, good following, a fun time, lets rain on his parade”. Seriously? You are bringing race into this? Trust me, your race isn’t why you are getting so much hate lol. The reason you are in the lime light is because you put yourself there. Before you even got all the information about how our company supposedly exploited, you jumped on the hate train and started posting “evidence” on stream. None of which actually proved anything. If you are educated, then you’d realize that it’s innocent until proven guilty - not the other way around. Also, if you couldn’t take the heat then you shouldn’t have put yourself in that position. It was fine when you were the one targeting us with hate, but now that we’re taking a stand against your lies, it’s all “Guys, let’s just be friends”. Sorry, that’s not gonna work when the very first war we had as a company we got called cheaters with no evidence of exploiting. If you watch this clip you’ll see that in our CK war lagged even without ANY Ice Storms on the point: Twitch. We only had 3 Ice Gauntlets in that war, yet we were instantly accused of cheating. So, stop accusing us of something we never did and we won’t bother you anymore.

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Screen capture - 777f223aac8ae8e09cce9d4feeaa51d7 - Gyazo casually just ANOTHER member from dream doing the auto attack spam exploit

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I usually don’t chime in but the two little gifs only show players testing / gauging the bug. I don’t speak for either side as I try not to be involved, but if you look up the definition of exploit you get “make full use of and derive benefit from”. Even in the code of conduct under “Play fair” it says:

Do not : exploit bugs or other unintended uses of game features.

We call it an “exploit” because that’s shorter than saying “exploiting bugs”.

The two examples you provided showed players messing with the bug in a way that didn’t showcase exploiting it. If they were using the bug to gain an unfair advantage (in open world pvp or in war for example) that would be one thing, but as it stands you’ve literally just shown clips of players testing a bug. Not exploiting it.

This argument is actually hilarious because I’m sure if there was GWG members sitting in town stacking ice storms on top of each other, Dream wouldn’t go, “ah they are just testing it out, they definitely won’t abuse that in war” But the second dream members are testing out exploits they say, “No hey we were just testing out the exploits we didn’t plan to use them” I don’t buy it and neither does anyone else but your delusional company.