Company Intentionally using War bug to Exploit and win

Like I said, I’m trying not to involve myself in the politics and seeing this sort of response is what makes me wonder why I try.

Did you try reading what you said or think about the nature of the ice gauntlet bug? For them to actually reproduce it they’d need quite a complement of people. And seeing that many people in a town causing the town to lag would definitely be a raise a few questions. But it’s an unrealistic scenario.

I also don’t like how you’re generalizing 250+ people spread across 4 companies. “They” didn’t say “no hey we were just testing out the exploits we didn’t plan to use them”. I said a version of that, which you then twisted. I clarified that they weren’t exploiting, by definition. I’m not one of them (I’m Dreamer), and I’m not close with either of the two players you’re targeting so I can’t be sure whether or not they were just messing around or if they were making plans.

I do know, however, that before war our leadership reinforces to participants of the war (not just our company) not to exploit and that doing so will get them blacklisted from future wars.

You’ll notice how I didn’t name GWG in my prior post because I chose not to generalize a company based on the actions of a few. I will note, however, that reviewing my in-game blocklist I find that I’ve blocked (and reported) 14 GWG members so far for the very sort of toxic behavior you’ve put on display here.

This thread is doing no one any good. While I appreciate the thought put forward by the supposed Marauder who created the thread (which I would guess is a Syndicate person myself because I’m skeptical of that claim), this thread serves no purpose other than a form of validation from either party.

We all know AGS won’t intervene in territory disputes even if exploits were used. Just look at the other threads from other servers with people complaining.

Can someone from @Community-Team or @Customer-Service lock this thread and threads like this? These back and forth flame wars aren’t productive.

For one I don’t know how I could generalize a company when I had no idea any other than fever even existed. People from fever were practicing the auto exploit in town and funny enough fever is the only company out of the supposed four that actually own territory, but I’ll ignore that completely. All I came here to do is try and diffuse the lies and impersonation of my company members (actions that you respect apparently), and clear the air about who the real people causing the lag are. It clearly states in patch notes that life staffs were causing lag, they were nerfed and it made a very noticeable different in Cutlass today. You act like this is some kind of flame war when the only reason anyone from the covenant faction is here in the first place is because we’ve been constantly harassed and called cheaters and exploiters all week with zero proof. You guys couldn’t have just relied on AGS to deal with any actual exploiters. You guys made a whole forum account named Gravitywellgaming to impersonate and spread lies that had no real evidence behind them. Me on the other hand, played with dream in beta and knew about the video they had posted about stacking life staffs and heavy armor on the point and being basically impossible to kill. Fevers strategy of heavy armor paladin stacking spamming hammers nonstop is quite literally what causes the lag. It’s real easy to act like the victims when tables turn, but let’s not forget, who started the accusations, who called us cheaters on stream, and who created the very forum post we are “flaming” each other on.

The plot thickens as kryptik is shown here literally blatantly and shamelessly using the hatchet damage exploit on stream Twitch and then immediately trash talks the person he kills with the exploit

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