Company Leaders shouldnt be able to take all the money


Bad game design and its an easy way to screw over the economy. Some cities generate like 500k+ gold per day now imagine someone just being able to take all of it.

this is so unfair and if u want to help the games economy start by disabling this option. The gold a territory generates should ONLY be able to be used to upgrade the territory.

The common denominator to a lot of issues, this one included, is player control of Settlements.
It’s time to just remove it and not only resolve all the problems but open up new opportunities at the same time.
AGS doesn’t need to waste their time investigating and determining if it is griefing, only for the process to take too long and the ongoing damage become irreversible.

I think guild control options should be greater.

No system would be perfect, but even the ability to have an option to change withdrawals (not making payments) to be “2 X Rank Consul or above” to make withdrawals would prevent it being a single person’s decision.

In the case of multiple people being in on it, that’s just what happens if you join a shitty guild.

Guild house / guild bank when?? That way companies can invest their gold into things that aren’t territories

Giving one player the power to grief another player is always stupid.

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