Company Leaders who own cities are dirty

In my server Babilary i have some of the lower members of a few purple faction city owning companies let the whole server that the leaders of the city owning clans upped all the taxes so they can dip on the day taxes are due with all the servers gold revenue and transfer to a new server where they will make a mega company on with all the servers money and leave the servers economy crippled i feel there should be some preventetive measures or admins capable of stopping this or give same faction people the right to contest the city owners for the right to own a city to show they are active. the plan of them is to leave with millions of gold from our server to another one over 6 cities worth of taxes from the week transferred out to some other server while downgrading all craft stations and leaving the cities dead in the water till another faction takes it over and the same faction people can only watch or defend a city that belongs to a dead company

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Dont do either.
Dont do PVP to counter push on influence, and dont go to defend the city.

The Free Transfers are enabling this embezzlement and griefing and more and more players are taking advantage of it. It’s time to completely cancel the Free Transfers.

And player-controlled settlements were a nice experiment but this is just one way they are more trouble than they are worth as players will try to exploit and abuse everything they can.
it’s time to completely remove that from the game.

@Luxendra @Zin_Ramu

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this results in my faction haveing to recapture the city though losing the benefits of cheaper azoth travel ect the company owning the city didnt capture it alone they dont have that many level 60s our faction as a whole captured the cities

wish devs would fix this issue FR

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and people on my server cry over a 10% housing tax when everything else is set as low as possible.

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