Company on Lepus (EU) freely admitting to mass reporting to get people banned, AGS please take action

  • What is your character name in New World: wolfbreaker
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Lepus
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Clan mass reporting players to get them banned
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: exploit

On Lepus EU there is currently a clan by the name of Merküt | going around mass reporting other people to get them banned and then freely admitting it in chat saying “it’s to reach a lesson”.

The reason they give for doing this? After spending their time calling people “slaves”, “dogs” and saying they would “like to stick their sausages in you dogs” people on the server had had enough and were refusing to help them in war.

After losing their first war due to this they began mass reporting people that were pushing influence outside of their clan, as well as people speaking up that they were mass reporting (as they confirmed in DM’s whilst also calling people by swear words)

Now it has turned into some sort of fun game for them as they know they can just mass Report people to get them banned and so they are continuing to do so to the same people, upping the ban time each time.

And Amazon support so far? Claiming bans were justified when no one has been swearing, making any sort of comments that would be against the TOS or anything. Meanwhile Merkuts clan members are still running around freely saying stuff like “FUCK THE PURPLES” (they themselves are purple), still calling people slaves and dogs and harassing people in dms, making fun of the fact they got people mass reported.

Most people in the server know they are doing this and have had enough, yet nothing is being done about it even though they are being reported each time they go against the TOS.

As you can see in the pic linked, Sanjay, a member of Merküt is literally bragging that they have mass reported someone by abusing the ban bot. The Haran in question is the de facto leader of Merkut and is the one that had been calling people slaves, causing his ban but they are trying to claim they are victims.

The fact that all factions know that Merkut have been doing this and NOTHING has been done against this speaks volumes of how bad the current support system is. Honest players get punished whilst people abusing the system and swearing constantly get a slap on the wrist if that. This can’t go on.


I’ve been personally targeted by this clan - out of pure malice. Another of my friends was also targeted in the exact same way.

They continue daily to file mass reports against myself and others on this server.


Yeah they got me to when we were doing PvP missions to take a territory they wanted


Agree with all that’s been said, amazon need to deal with this clan and find a way to stop this happening to anyone else in all the other servers! the auto report system shouldn’t be this easy to abuse, especially when the customer support team at amazon gave generic replies instead of actually dealing with the problem.


This needs to be addressed urgently because these kind of players are ruining the game.
AGS if you prohibit various kind of behaviour the abuse of reporting by the usage of a ban bot should be addressed asap.


This is the the response I got from using there reporting function on AGS, so if i don’t report in game they don’t seem to want to address the issue


plus you can’t report in game if you are being mass reported and banned and unable to even get on the game to report them lol


@AGS please revise banning system.
Server: Calnogor
In theory it is a great tool for helping the system filter out bots but in practice it is extremely easy for bad actors to abuse. It’s almost daily we have company members filing appeals on their accounts that have been mass reported.



I think they must have seen the post as they have now all merged and moved into another company that most of there players transferred off the server. Its now Rupture made up of ex merkut


system is so flawed that they can actually decide who plays on the server themselves, ill pop on every now and then but think im done with new world until i can server transfer. Having a auto ban system that allows toxic people to control a sever is beyond wrong and the support team at AGS refuse to do anything about it because “mass reporting isnt against TOS” according to them.


This definitely needs more visibility. The system is flawed and the people behind it don’t pay attention to what’s happening. AGS please take matters into your own hands. The Merkut members (now almost all part of Rupture) even insult people in Turkish, but I’m guessing reporting that isn’t enough or doesn’t flag bad words in Turkish.


This guys are literally killing the server. People are scared to even talk in general. AGM needs to do something about this. Is getting out of control


I am Consul of Merküt. This people played victim in Lepus server. And still playing victim in here. There is drama between us, because of that they banned me from server before our war abusing report system. This people always lying. Said many things to us in global chat and being racist. They talked about Turkey and Turkish people bad. What we did what they did to us. They are not good people they are not saying true things. This Atlas Rising and Lions Hearth guild members not all of them but most of them be racisted to us every time. If you are reading this dont judge us accourding to what they are saying.

i already sent all the proof to amazon mate. You literally got banned for calling people “slaves” and “dogs” yet you want to come here and say we are the ones lying? no one has ever been racist to you, people were talking about the turkey (in game event) and you then mass reported a clan member claiming they were racist to you, which we also have proof of btw, unlike you we back up everything we say. You are the most toxic people on there and have drove half the server away. You need to be banned.


Unfortunately your antics have killed the server. Noone wants to talk in global. Noone wants to talk in faction. Noone wants to war in Syndicate. You opened Pandoras box when you started doing this. For your information as I have seen the screenshots and you well aware - you were banned because of your tirade in global calling people slaves or dogs. That is why you were banned.

You can say what you like, but we have done absolutely nothing. You had 2 of my members mass reported literally 15 minutes after we went for ebonscale, because you wanted it.

Your entire clan is known for the toxicity it’s brought to Lepus and because of this the entire Syndicate faction has imploded, doesn’t matter if you merge into other clans or change your name - the whole server has seen the evidence and seen it for themselves.

Atlas has done absolutely nothing but spread positivity and have fun. We have hard proof of your clan admitting to doing this so I have no idea why you would try to play it as us playing the victim, we are simply pointing out a flawed mechanic and a clan using it to their own gain.

None of us have ever or will ever abuse a broken game function to gain an advantage in a game because genuinely that is just the lowest of the low and you should be ashamed of yourself.


Now who’s playing victim.

The reason I was mass reported was because someone asked where the big turkey was, as it was the new update that day and I said fuck the turkey as we were supposed to be doing PVP missions. I was then target by people who had never spoked before and spammed as being a racist in chat before being mass reported. Until it was later admitted in global I wasn’t even aware it was from the clan. The fact I now know of 6/7 people who have been targeted without saying anything offensive or just for daring to say hello in global before a war is shocking. I don’t know who’s done all of them only one that was targeted and admitted at me and another player.

We would also need to look at what racism and different types of abuse are as its a deformation on character to call someone a racist when there wasn’t even an incidental racist remark made. I for one have stopped playing the game as I’m getting bullied when I’m on by a few people I wont name until there is another server transfer available I doubt I will because of the toxicity certain companies are creating .


Ah look at this, as my post said you are trying to play victim. Did you or did you not call people slaves? (Btw chats are logged so they can see that yes you did).
As for racism, the only people that were toxic was your clan. Our clan mate starts talking with someone about the in game giant turkey which everyone reading chat could see yet you reported him when it because we were trying to push ebon which your clan did not like. You literally bragged about it not 30 mins later.

Also it was blatantly obvious when you were saying things you thought others couldn’t understand in Turkish like telling people to fuck off, calling them arseholes and cunts, all in Turkish.

We never sunk so low as to mass report anyone, nor did we then lie or brag about it. You on the other hand we’re literally saying “this is to teach you a lesson” not 30 mins later as said above.

The fact you think it’s acceptable to call people dogs and slaves and then try and claim we mass reported you and you’re the victim just shows how immature and selfish you are.


I also know for a fact (Both because I was victim to it and because I’ve seen screenshots) you insult people, people’s mothers, people’s sisters and a lot more stuff in turkish, I now regret not screenshoting my game chat at the time, but I’m guessing smarter people like RCW, Dalinsia, and Sunbreaker did. So don’t come here playing the victim. There is a reason half the faction left and it was you and your clan abusing a broken report system.


Haranakas and his goons have ruined this server; his company constantly abuses and harasses members of the server, ganging up on them in chat and false reporting / mass reporting. Should be banned ASAP, AGS you need a better system to fix this kind of abuse!


Oh, wow. Came here to try to look as if you are the victim when you are the one who caused all the server to die. You been insulting in english and turkish the people on the server, and together with your clan mass report not only our company but others too. You have literally banned one of my team mates as soon as he called you out for mass reporting people and bragged after that too. Please stop playing the victim.
Imagine being so bad at a game that the only way for you to get that feeling of a achievement is to ban anyone who is better than you…lame, very lame.