Company Overhaul

The company UI really feels like an afterthought. It’s missing SO much. First we need a company logs page. Something that shows donations into the treasury, people joining and leaving the company, promotions and demotion, etc. Some kind of company events calendar so we can schedule events and things in game, as not everyone goes on discord I feel some are being left out. Being able to edit ranks, permissions of ranks, add/remove new ranks.

The above are things I feel need to happen as a company leader. A suggestion would be to add a company HQ, maybe discounted for the owner of that particular hamlet. Somewhere the company can gather and decorate together etc with company specific perks we can work on as a team.

Like I said the company system feels a bit like an afterthought when it should be a massive focus as companies drive the community.

-Psythys, Governor of Dead Pixel Society

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