Company Recruitment is Tough

In a server where the top Covenant dogs got bullied enough to transfer for their high taxes, it’s been tough to rebuild a reputable Covenant company. Either people switched factions, switched servers, or are altogether disinterested in participating in PVP content.

I am not an avid PVP’er, I have played most every day since launch and am still not maxed…I am taking my time with each of the skills, gathering, etc. I drop recruitment messages in the chat and get no bites. How have y’all been successful at growing a company? I’d like to participate in this aspect of the game at some point, but it’s been hard. And as far as joining other established companies, there aren’t many that are active/not too big.

Keep blasting recruitment messages, randomly invite anyone in town you see not in a company. Start a portal or pvp group and invite nice people who show. Get them to join your discord asap too.

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