Company shop and donation

We can have company shop and donation option in the ui to get company coins(c-coins or whatever name it will be). İnstead of manual collection of donation in company ppl can make daily 300-500g donations to their companies to earn company coins. Then they can spend their earned c-coins to buy items like timeless shards, crafting stat mods(like the expensive iron guardsman insignia etc.), company special cloaks, etc.

Maybe daily weekly company quests too that will generate income to company and let company mates earn in c-coins

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I like this :slight_smile:

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I mean, the people in the company should have a goal… Goals that involve putting their money into the pool for the company. That is the current state. People in my Company have racked up 100k gold for use for whatever the company sees fit. This is without owning a town or asking for a donation… we just set goals and the money shows up.

This is not a bad idea, but I would like Company Storage, Housing, more stuff for companies to do together ect.

Good Posting.

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Company Perks to unlock with company treasure gold, that could give small benefits on pve, crafting etc.

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Trophies also can be bought from Company Shop. Chest running is really too boring for the majority of players.

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