Company Storage For Players

Is there some way to get a Company Storage Chest, so that all in the Company can have access to items and thus eliminate so much trading one on one?


I second this notion, myself and a couple in my company farm like it’s nobody’s business, and having the option to store it in a communal space for anyone that needs it would be amazing and super helpful. I know if the company has a house then they can use the chests if you make them, but I don’t know if it’s shared or not.

I’ve seen quite a few people suggest something like that.

I included that in my Company Barracks post just a little bit before this. That also included company crafting stations and a method for more companies to be involved and interested in the faction wars.

Yes. Please.

I’d like to send my company mates items and I have to wait for them to login and then go figure out which town storage I put the items in when they log in.

So now we have to both be online at the same time and I need to remember where I stored the item I’d like to give to my fellow company mate.

Please add company storage.

I had the same idea:

Maybe we can have this and let the players/members upgrade the storage at a cost. Starting at level 1 at 50 capacity increasing per level depends on how much they invest on their own company.

A mailbox would also help with this, not having a mailbox makes no sense since it changed from a survival pvp game to an mmorpg.

PLEASE do it ! We need it. And do it like the company bank, GM chose who get to access it. Or do a mailbox like kiralia said.

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