Company storage request

how nice would it be to have a company storage!?


This was a repeat request from players during earlier phases of the game as well. Unfortunately there’s been no response from AGS, so we don’t know if it’s something we may look forward to in a future update, or if they just ignore the player base as usual.


It’s a game built on resource scarcity with infinitely respawning resources. How do you fake scarcity? Storage limitations. You cannot hoard 50million tonnes of iron ore, so you if you need more than a little, you need to go gather some or buy it from others (who also have limited stockpiles) when you need it. This makes sense. Expanding your storage is a long and intensive process: extra bags are easy, but to get the best, that’s gonna cost; houses with max storage slots, again, big investment, and again getting the best trunks is gonna cost; territory Standing is the only free one, but you sacrifice the other card options each and every time, and getting to 300 is a grind, so there is a time and lost-opportunity cost.

But then you have company storage. In a game where any solo person can make a solo company. Woo, free massive boost to my storage, completely invalidating those lengthier and/or more costly options. Who would choose to join a real company when that incredibly valuable storage was on the table, that’d be putting yourself at a severe disadvantage. So in a game that has a big emphasis on making and joining companies, everyone’s sitting in solo companies and joining alliances on Discord. Yeah.

Don’t get me wrong, I too want legitimate company storage so when a buddy asks “does anyone have any fibers?” he can go grab it rather than wait for me to return from the other side of the map to manually trade him. But it needs to have a cost offset, eg every member loses 5.0 of their person storage to donate to the company, company storage is equal to the total donated value, and a solo company gets no net benefit…but is that optional or enforced, and would that maybe also disincentivise joining a real company over a solo where you can keep all your storage? It’s not as easy as “just add it”, there are severe balancing concerns, so if it gets added, I wouldn’t expect it for a while.

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This is a major point you have made here. And I can agree with the reasoning :slight_smile:


atm company trade and moving items to players that are with in 10 meters of you is little bit bs and no mail system so pretty much. super painful if your a gather and trying to help company grow but cant get rid of the stuff because people are like 4 zones over. and its not exactly cheap to fast travel back and forwards.

i guess that is why u have too character slots one can be just bank.

There are of course ways to deal with that issue. Especially since you may only create one character on a server cluster.

The easiest solution is: A company requires at least 2 members, with a grace period of 24hrs to allow the founder to invite their future company members. If a company’s members quit, leaving only the Governor, the company is automatically disbanded within 24 hours.

A little more complex solution is: In order to make a company, the founder needs “signatures” of a number of founding characters who will automatically become members of the company. Minimum # of members requirement applies as well, if the number of members drops below minimum, company is disbanded.

This would ensure that even if someone could afford to invest in a 2nd account, they wouldn’t be able to abuse the system by having an “empty” company.

Just curious… Has anyone else realised that the storage in each hamlet etc is unique… aka the inventory space and slots do not share?

Guild/company storage serves a different purpose, though. If your company has dedicated master crafters and dedicated farmers, company storage is where your farmers drop materials off for your crafters. It is also where your master crafters put the gear for your company members, potions, food, etc.

It’s such a basic feature to all and any MMO, because that’s literally how a well-organized company works not just in MMO but in RL too.


A Company Storage is absolutely needed. Once you get out of the first Tier of crafting for any tradeskill, the amount of raw mats you need grows exponentially. Iron ore > Iron Ingots. Steel needs multiple iron ingots and charcoal. Starmetal needs multiple steel (which needs iron) and starmetal ore, etc etc etc. this goes for all the main mats. So you can see how personal storage will explode if you are trying to craft or gather in any significant way for your Company.

Add in that there is no mail, and to trade you need to be close to each other, with the massive size of the maps and the costs to travel (especially at early levels) makes it very tedious, or unrealistic to do.

Right now its just “every man for himself” which is opposite of the goal of a Company… you all are working together to achieve goals, one of those is to provide gear and such for your company members, and have a stockpile of potions and food for higher end content.

If you dont want to be in a Company fine, go solo and have the normal storage options. That’s fine. But joining a guild or company usually means you’ll have access to help and resources from your friends and other members to help you grow and level, and that there will be resources for the guild as a whole to function properly. As they are now, they are just glorified chat channels with a money bank.

(which you can’t track who is donating what or withdrawing what either, which is stupid also. There needs to be some sort of deposit/withdraw log, every other mmo with shared guild storage has that. They also have guild storage.)

Please. I’m the crafting officer of my Company and it is incredibly difficult to stock or share materials, or finished products, because we all have different work schedules and can’t always meet a particular person to trade the mats or item.

I should just be able to say “Hey guys I crafted stacks of luck food for all gathering skills, and a stack of dex food, and a stack of Int food. Also three stacks of potions and 20 boosters. Enjoy!”

Another example is Player A in a company doesn’t care for gathering or crafting, but does enough to satisfy quests that ask for it and ends up with some crafting mods. There is no way for Player A to dump those mods in a universal storage for any other company member to take and use for their crafting beyond finding a player who wants it (which requires communication and planning to meet up), and trading to them. Its a lot of unnecessary steps and work for something so simple.

It is A Problem.

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You make the company storage require mats and coins to upgrade beyond the starting 1k (or whatever the starting size is for personal storages). That keeps someone who is a solo company from just gaining access to a massive boost to their storage. Seems like an easy fix for the issues you posted up. Im hoping sooner rather then later we get the company side of the game expanded with a company hall and the ability to better customize the ranks and perms for the ranks in a company. Id ideally want to see at least 1 extra rank in a company that is a deputy gov position vs just the consul.

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i agree, i play with a group of friends, 2 of which are crafters for the others in the group, problem is, handing out equipment we have made to them is hard.
we cant always meet up at ideal times, as some of us have jobs/kids. at the very least we need a distribution system, like a mail box. even shareing resurces to fuel the crafting machine is a problem.

right now this system means it is hard to work together, and everyone needs to gather vast resourses for both themselves and for others they wish to support, causing everlasting squabbles over iron nodes and childish tactics to get resources.

i love this MMO and where it is going, but i am dissapointed by this lack of simple functionality that most if not all MMO have, and players have come to expect as a basic commodity

Literally just make it so company storage can be upgraded via the town upgrade system… but just make it even more expensive and have a good starting storage space.
They have literally systems to implement it, just got do it

For example you can have the first level of storage to have 1000KG
and upgrades can cost 50k each and upgrade only 500KG something like that… because storage is a big thing in this game…
You can add a new structure in the cities that is guild storage basically.

The game seems to be designed around you making things for yourself rather than other people. It puts an emphasis on you actually training the skills to see the benefits. It isn’t like other games where you’re limited to certain professions and need to work with others to become well rounded.

They could tie company storage to owning a Settlement/Fort. That would add another reason to fight for nodes and would give a nice reward for the company that owns the node as well. On a side note, I would honestly prefer if they switched the upgrades from random quests to resource requirements instead as well.

I didn’t see this post before I made mine

It would be nice if everyone keeps this request to one thread.

one large thread will get more Dev attention than lots of small forgotten ones

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just keep this thread active!

I’d much rather they take their time and implement something that won’t allow for many more issues to arise, like gold and item duplication exploits. Given how so much of the game seems to be client side, I’d much, much rather they take as much time as they feel like and give us a quality and finished feature.

That said, I believe that must be in their to do list. Is too basic a feature to just go unnoticed, especially because of how many times it has already been pointed out.

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I actually really like the idea of everyone sacrificing 10lbs of their own storage or something like that. Or even maybe there could be special “company storage” bags that people would have to equip in a bag slot (this also would feed into the crafting economy as these bags would obviously be lucrative to make/sell)

Put individual storage/withdrawal limit per guild member. Problems solved. I simply wanna transfer items to other guild members without having to be online 24/7 just so I can hand some trivial items to fellow guild members in person.

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