Company Storage/Housing


I realize I can’t be the only one suggesting this but I am new to the forums here and understand the concern of solo players starting companies to take advantage of free storage.

What do people think of attaching the Company storage to the housing system and making company housing start at a much higher price like (100k for example) and have higher property tax than personal housing. To deter solo players from using the system in an abusive way and giving this option to legitimate companies.

I will probably see the small company excuse for how it would expensive but 100k is very easily achievable at this point. My 10 person company is at 175k in Treasury with very little effort.


Didn’t see this post before I posted this:

je trouve aussi qu’un coffre de guilde serait bien utile et favoriserait la coopération des membres. le hall de guilde housing pour la compagnie, ça je peu m’en passer.

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