Company Treasury Exploit

pls sirs do not upgrade sirs pls SIRS DO NOT UPGRADE

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@rayman you might wana RE READ that. This is different.

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you forgot to read the post lol


He really hit the “Auto Reply” button with this one.


What a total joke at this point. Community moderator not even reading the posts. Came here for some reassurance that AGS was active and trying their best, met with this sludge.



Thanks! I saw another report of this not too long ago and have already escalated to the devs.


I think you should just take the servers offline. This halt is leading to additional exploits and it affects the players in not being able to get supplies like health pots and food for wars and stuff.

This is unacceptable! Us poor non-land owners don’t stand a chance now!!! Unclaim all territory and ban governors!!!

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If you read the cause of the issue in the second comment it is a duplication exploit they did not state the issue they were investigating directly either.

I mean they literally did, but OK :smiley:

disable town upgrades
also people say they can bypass the permanent ban somehow, might want to look up that

take the servers down.

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Can you check that the money doesn’t go from the player launching the upgrade to the guild bank? And can you try with someone who have the money and someone who doesn’t have it.

One of our guildmate try it and the money goes from is personnal bank to the guild bank (in any case, it should cost money not transfert it, but that’s another info for you about that case :slight_smile: )

Well, I do hope Wars and Invasions get frozen if we cant spend gold on upgrades now, depending on how fast this fixes all towns will go to lv 2 thanks to invasions.

This game is actually over lmao

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Are you fucking kidding me?

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Honestly I give it a month, ppl will leave 1 by 1 and then only hardcore players will stay, merged in 1 server with a pop of 1000. A true wilderness, new world for those resilient (pun on perk intended!) new-frontierman that never know what perk or ability work and which doesn’t.

they bypass perma ban because the game allows family share hence why gold spammers are here to stay mate.

Was about to report this, glad it’s been followed up already.
Same issue on Metsola, discovered when trying to upgrade Monarch (One Time)

  • Character Name: Zazea
  • Issue that occurred: Same as OP
  • Time and Date: 23:20
  • World/Server: Metsola
  • Location where issue occurred: Monarch Bluff’s Planning table
  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue: Same as OP