Company Treasury Exploit

they bypass perma ban because the game allows family share hence why gold spammers are here to stay mate.

Was about to report this, glad it’s been followed up already.
Same issue on Metsola, discovered when trying to upgrade Monarch (One Time)

  • Character Name: Zazea
  • Issue that occurred: Same as OP
  • Time and Date: 23:20
  • World/Server: Metsola
  • Location where issue occurred: Monarch Bluff’s Planning table
  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue: Same as OP

So that’s why we cannot trade anything

And amazon got the power to disable family share? wtf are they doing


i feel you mate, my block list is getting full

wtf i just did this like 10 times thinking it wasnt working and i had run out of personal money to keep doing upgrades from my wallet but now i have a lot of fuckin fake gold in my comp will this hurt us?

You’ll prob get banned. If I were you I’d open a support ticket right now and describe the issue and ask them to remove the gold.

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how can they ban people for this? it works if you upgrade from your wallet

Because it’s an exploit and people are using it to generate huge amounts of gold. If you did it once, then it looks like a mistake. But if you did it multiple times, how is AGS to know whether you did it on purpose to cheat or did it by mistake cos you didn’t know what was going on? That’s why you should open a support ticket.

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Can we at least pay our taxes on the city? My taxes are due but not sure if I should pay them now.

Because there is no trading possible, they will just remove the gold.

@Luxendra Are you guys going roll back the invasions that caused downgrades and that we cannot upgrade because of the transfer of wealth disable???


I have accidently done this while i was trying to upgrade our town, didn’t know they disabled upgrading too. Also i’m not able to pay our taxes!! Please help or we will get downgraded

And those of us that depend on the Trading Post for consumables to heal after fights are just screwed. Tier 4 and 5 require rare items that are extremely hard to farm in quantity by level 45-50. Can’t you put up a static consumable on the trading post until you get the thing fixed?

At this point, it’s basically just time to uninstall, get the popcorn, and watch the building burn to the ground from a safe distance. There’s no saving anything. It’s a total loss.

The only hope is that they can bulldoze away the ash afterwards and relaunch without the fire hazards that nuked it in the first place.


Might as well just shut the server down at this point m8.

Tell the devs to take the servers offline, whole companies will dupe even more gold than before. Just stop this madness please.

Encountered the same issue.

  • What is your character name in New World: Niob
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Wonderland
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Settlement upgrade doesn’t start and upgrade cost instead gets added to the company treasury
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: bug (could be used as exploit)
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced:
  1. Look at the company treasury
  2. Order a town upgrade
  3. Two notifications appear, first a small text that tells about blocked transactions, secondly the window that shows after successfully starting a upgrade
  4. Look at the company treasury again and check the town board where the town upgrade start was attempted

@rayman, please re-read the post.

No. This is a symptom of their economy ban.