Company with billions of $ cant develop reconnect option

Trying to play this game since launch and from time to time i can do it, after staying in queue for whole day of course, but after i login after 10h queue and get disconnected for reason i cant understand (connection is stable) i even dont have 1 minute time to login back, i`m insta getting in one more 10hour queue, you can have a shot every time you read word “queue”
all in all the game is pretty good though, but its like you dont give a ##### about your customers, not able to make people have time to reconnect after stupid disconnect… in 2021!!!
it is a joke, what your developers are thinking about? just take the money that people paid for this game and hire professionals that can handle this insane situation.
So this message is like screaming in desert, its useless cause as i said game launch and all this problems shows that you dont care about your customers at all.

P.S(1) IN 2021 EVERY GAME HAS RECONNECT OPTION, just EVERY game EVERY, do you know this?
P.S(2) reconnect in 2021? srsly?
P.S(3) 2021? reconnect without queues after 10 hour standing? amazon said NO.
i never wrote any post in any forum during my life, imagine how you burn people so they are forced to spend their time on this.

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Yeah, it would be nice if there was a grace period of about 10 minutes where disconnected players can get right back in. Especially if they have a bug that can only be fixed with a relog.


Had this issue multiple times now, and there appears to be a grace period but it is something like 15 seconds maybe up to a minute. I was just kicked again for lag whilst I nipped away during mining, and it’s impossible to understand how I now have to wait for another 3 - 5 hours because my mobile based internet had packet loss resulting in a delay to respond for just over a minute whilst still connected to discord.

If anything, regardless of the grace period there should simply be a reconnection queue for when lag or other factors force a disconnect. That way you aren’t being punished for the server not responding or random packet loss, by only being able to access the server’s communication through the main login method since it has already connected to you once.

so yeah guys, one more day of frustration) after playing for 40 minutes i was disconnected and left in queue and need to sit there for 4 hours at least, my buddies are already 30+ level cause they can start playing at morning without queue times, and i`m getting disconnected and thats all today only that happened 2 times with me. so i need to drop my lvl 18 chat with i already spent some chunk of time, and go to low pop server and start a new character.
I think i better find another game to play or just go back to WOW wich is dead but at least they know what to do with servers.

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