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As part of your Dev Blog you mentioned the following:

I would like to expand on this to allow players in a company to challenge the leadership through certain in-game controls.

Challenge the withdrawal cap

A lot of of companies don’t setup a withdrawal limit so members of that company don’t get to reap any coin rewards from helping that company gain a territory. Company members tend to not want to ask if they can have some of the companies earnings because they feel like they’re asking too much when they are entitled to it, they also feel like they might get booted from the company if they ask.

I feel there should be a system in place allowing you to anonymously vote for a withdrawal cap increase, if x% of players vote to increase the cap then it should automatically be increased and kept that way for at least 1 week.

Challenge the ownership role

I’ve seen a few scenarios where this has been needed on my server alone, I also know it’s happened on other servers and the game needs something in place to get around these issues.

I feel there should be a system allowing company members to anonymously vote to force the leader out of the owner position and elect a new owner. The way I see this working would be if x% of company members vote (this number would be hidden to prevent owners kicking members) it would trigger an election of some sort where once this has been triggered no one can be booted out of the company, no gold can be withdrawn and no ranks can be changed. Company members can then opt in to become the leader of which after a day a voting system would be enabled allowing all company members to vote for who they want to be in charge. If there is a draw the winner will be chosen at random.

The reason this is needed is I’ve seen multiple company owners log off and not come on for weeks so the company becomes stagnant, the company members should be able to replace the old leader with a new one.

I’ve also seen on a few servers, company owners wanting to quit the game and instead of handing over the company to their company members they want to keep the company in their name so they kick all of the company members and then quit the server.

This even happened on my server “Runeberg” with a company called “Tranquility” which messed up our server a little because at the time they had 1 or 2 territories and no one in charge of picking members for the war, plus all town profits were going into their now empty company. The rest of yellow knew they had to give up the territory just to reset who owned it so they came into war naked and let us win it fast.

If a company owner kicks x% of members in x time/days there should be a system in place that allows those kicked members to challenge the leadership of the company so they could take control of the company from the rogue leader. If they win the challenge they’d be allowed to rejoin the company. If a challenge of leadership is triggered, gold withdrawal, rank changes & member kicking would all become frozen.

Change territory ownership

There should be a way to transfer ownership of a territory to another company within your faction (maybe even to another faction). If a company wants to give up their territory they should be able to sell it to the other faction for 50,000

I personally would like a system where if you put your territory up for sale companies can bid on it, potentially allowing a territory to sell for 500,000.

If a territory is sold (open bidding with all factions) then that territory would not receive a war or invasion for at least 7 days.

I’m not a fan of several of your suggestions. But regarding the last section, please note that selling a territory is considered win trading and expressly against the ToS.

There are other ways to transfer of territory, and they are already features of the game.

Not quite the same issue…

But we have had companies stop playing or leaders stop playing in them regularly on XILBABA. – This has led to over half the territories on the server getting downgraded to level 2’s.

5 towns on Xilbaba East coast server have nothing, and no chance of leveling back up again. They simply cost too much to level now that the initial leveling push is over. All of them had 70% of upgrades at one point. Now then have less than 20%.

Meanwhile, the people who owned windward and everfall made massive cash gains. Took territory, and decided to not pay taxes/upgrades on other lands. They plan to transfer so they are hoarding all the servers gold for that.

There have been times when T5 crafting isn’t up because of a bad luck invasion. Pathetic.

I can’t wait to get off this server. The Guilds who took territory mostly burned it to the ground planning to transfer off.

Pretty sure they plan to stop paying taxes before transfer even on the last two cities left to ensure whatever population remains is forced to leave or suffer if they are unlucky enough to not have a transfer token.

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