Company/faction limits error

I can’t stand playing new world anymore…

The game has a sensational and incredible map… it has fascinating action gameplay, there are people on the team that are working to improve the game and develop more things.

But all I’ve been doing in the last 1 year is solving problems and making decisions that the game doesn’t have systems to protect me.

Devaloka is by far one of the biggest servers, one of the most competitive, the most bureaucratic and also the dirtiest.
People sell gold, lure/steal guild members, force alliances, force people to switch factions like the faction is nothing. It destroys all the RP(Roleplay) of the game as well as the pure will to play the game and have fun.

I’ve been against this system, I left friends aside to fight for the greater good several times, I followed what the game recommended and reported toxic people and saw them with 3 game accounts and being unbanned on 3 accounts. The biggest problem of all this, unfortunately, is not people doing absurd things… It’s the lack of systems in the game that gives freedom to these insane people…

I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve recruited into my company in the last few months, and I’ve lost count of how many people have left for no reason, all because the game doesn’t have a system to penalize players.

The decision to join a company today is simple: I will join in 1 second, and leave in the next without any negative status.
Participating in a company today, it can even be with a secondary account that no one even feels the difference.
The game has a chat voice that is not used as much, forcing players to play on other communication platforms. Discord/TeamSpeak and so on…
I have more work to play the game OUTSIDE IT than in it.
If I want to partner with another company, there’s nothing in the game that tells me how good or bad it will be.
This makes all members unfaithful and disloyal within the game as there are no penalties.
There are several legal companies, but they don’t want to suffer hours wasting time increasing influence and being robbed because of the declaration of war RNG, this discourages players to play, try, think about growing, taking risks…

And again it’s a problem that we can’t solve inside the game and we have to solve it outside of it, going directly to the governors of other companies of the same faction to align these things. Leaving the economy in the hands of the players is already something extremely wrong, now leaving everything? Who is suffering inside the servers is insanely lost without a light at the end of the tunnel, that’s the experience of playing the game.

They talk about opening a zeroed server without the possibility of transfer, but why do that ONLY with the server?
Do it with everything… Block the chance to change company, block the chance to change faction, make your ridiculous systems used because it doesn’t leave a gap for Chaos and that doesn’t motivate anyone.

They considered putting war hangover, where a player cannot play more than one war per day/every 2 days… but the problem is that all devaloka players have more than 1 account on the same server, thus allowing them to do what they already have do, oppress people and dictate the rules, because the game is no man’s land, where players make the rules.

I don’t know how ridiculous it is for you not to evaluate the input and output of gold from each player in the game, because if you did, you would notice how large the number of people who make money in real life with the game are, we still don’t have GM’S active to report problems.

Regarding the guild money bank, you guys put a limit of 500,000 gold for what? If this forces the player to leave the company, create one for himself and store the gold in it?
What’s the point of it all? Have you ever stopped to think how an MMORPG works? Do you understand that the goal is to play together?
Today we see how satisfying playing in a team is, but the mechanics for it are few, again, we see how much systems are missing to help us. How much limits help us to maintain order in Chaos.