Company/Trading post/Crafting Suggestions


My suggestion for future updates after 38 hours gameplay.

We need a page in company treasury for listing the donations, settlement quest/upgrade contributions …etc.
We can’t manage the company properly without that.
Who, when, how much deposited/withdrawed money. It can show us who making progress in the company or who just a jerk.

The crafted items need a tag with the crafter name. So we can see who made it.
(only crafted! not dropped.)

In the trading post we should able to delete the expires & completed orders.
Also it would be nice if we can see the name of the char who listed the actual order.
(Of course, firstly you need to fix the bugs in the trade post.)

An encyclopaedia tab in the journal. For the in-game wiki/database.
When you get an item the first time. You get the record, where you found… etc.
(like the details about resources/animals… etc)

Fishing leaderboard about, who caught the biggest fish in a type.

Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


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