Comparing Pirate Housing Items vs. Royal Decor Housing Items

Was posting this for another person but thought that this may be helpful for anyone on the fence between the two.

One big thing I’ll say is that this is highly dependent on the style of house you want. If you want a pirate theme then there is no way that the royal decor can possibly win out.

Pirate Pack:
Octopus chandeliers
Plants (really nice in multiple settings)
Gold pile (most people don’t realize it’s a seat!)
Small gold decoration
Large treasure map
Pirate wheel

Note that I am sitting on the gold pile.

Notable items/Pros: Pile of gold throne seat is unique and most people do not know its a seat. Chandeliers are really unique and cool, its a bit dim. Plants are super useful and fit into most themes (Really like these for and reason). Cannon is a great large piece. I think it fits most settings because you can sneak pirate items/treasure maps/etc anywhere because we are talking about Aeternum here! regardless of if your house is a fancy , broken down, or even Ebonscale theme. You can kinda pepper them in.

Downsides: Do not believe there are any unique animations or particle effects. This is often a big draw for many of the other packs.

Royal Pack:
Chandeliers (Note, very bright! Its nice!)
Royal curtain item
Royal overhang (falling pedal effect!!)
Throne rug thing
Pedestal things
Two extra lights (one on wall and another on surfaces)

Do not have all of the items here. Note the falling pedals from the overhang. Looks much better in person, check out some houses on your server to find one.

Notable items: The overhang item with the falling pedal effects is one of the biggest draws to this pack. You see it mostly combined with captain beds because you see the pedals slowly drift down on top of them, its really cool. I put it over my Valentine’s day tub. The chandelier is incredible cool and think it is another thing that stands out as a good piece and gives off a ton of light compared with other similar items.

Downsides: Won’t fit in some settings. Fits well with gothic/Bloody/Black-Laquored/Well polished. Not so much for the more rugged looking houses.



Nice thanks for the info in these decor packs :grinning:

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