Compass is trash

The compass is complete trash. You have a secondary party in overwolf that created not only a robust compass, but one that is significantly better than the one you have in game. I can literally dance on top of an Iron node or a mote, yet, it doesn’t appear on my compass.

To be clear, I love this game, but devs effectively blocking the overwolf map when the internal compass works as well as the vision of Ray Charles, kinda sums up the way things for the last 3 or 4 weeks have been going.

You need to focus on the stuff that is working like crap - chests, compass, outpost, wars, furnishing and about 500 other things vs focusing on a Map that does a better job than the one the game has.


well the ingame compass doesn’t work lol. i expect the compass to show resource nodes about 30 minutes every day. other then that, 99% of the time it doesn’t track anything. But a lot of things are messed up UI wise. I must have salvaged the same miss labled recipes a dozen times over, my inventory is filled with furniture items i can’t get rid of because i chose to craft trophies to level furnishing and keep gettting afk kicked for trying to fish. For me, pvp was killed for me when they nuked my mage with nerfs making it so im the weak link in dps in dungeons and useless in pvp…and they took my harvesting set away, and gathering while you have a brain injury like me with no compass indicators is just me running around in a circle. so… gg

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