Compass issues - disappearing resources marks - MAJOR BUG

same problem :confused: but for me q is like 5h


Had the same issue last night, was only able to see the custom marker that either myself or a party member placed on the map.

The issue was resolved after logging back in today.

I hope this issue gets noticed because its a big problem…

Kind if sucks, any way to solve it without relogging?

Sadly none.

same here

pushing this as its not fixed in the recent update :frowning:

I hope this is fixed as it breaks an entire part of the levelling process for gathering.

Yes the Ques are still quite HIGH, which is great for the game (as in - there is tons of ppl playing), but me and my company buddies are now NOT grouping on purpose so it does not f-up our compass… this is certainly not great … But its the only way to not break the compass and avoid the long ques.

it happens to me when someone in my group sets a personal marker

Yes that is actually also another way to do this, i will put it in the main post as other path to breaking the freakin compass.

Me and my friends have the same problem.
Usually it happens when we get in group to farm expeditions.
Also quests marker dissapears, not always and sometimes not all of them, but it does.
All I can see is custom markers

same problem here

Same here

same here. this is annoying

Just happened to me when I grouped and left the group. the voice chat couldn’t connect for the group, so maybe it is linked to this issue. hard to say

Same problem.

Happens to me everytime I leave Amrine. Just happened again.

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