Compass Thoughts

  1. Just trying to figure out the logic behind compass tracking: I can see an iron node for example that is not far away and it doesn’t show up yet on the compass, however, hemp and other such plants show up from across the map it seems.

  2. Can we get an option to put a dark background behind the compass? At night it is easy to see, during the day it can be hard to see though when you are in a bright area.

  3. Berries and farm foods show up on the compass, cloth material plants show up, but herbs do not. Just wondering if there is a reason for certain gatherables to be on the compass while others aren’t.


The compass tracking is a joke.
The range is pathetic and there are no filters.


Compass customisation is needed and shouldn’t be difficult to add some basic features.

Allow us to…

  • Change Background & Text colour.
  • Change Direction & Icons Size.
  • Alter which things are tracked.
  • Alter the range of the things tracked (maybe).

I’m sure there’s more but that would be a great start and certainly help me as I often can’t see which Direction I’m going as text/background colours kind’a meld into each other.


Please add an option to organize the compass!

All good suggestions. Just dropping this here since the forums are kind of a mess.


Totally agree on the background. I end up running with my character looking toward the ground most of the time just so i can see the tracking on the compass.


Id just like the compass not to break every few hours making me have to restart the game to get it working again.


And this is why I want a minimap…
The compass is horrible.


The compass is useless. Some of what is suggested here might make it a little less pathetic, but let’s be honest, a minimap offers a much better solution to these problems. And it would be even better if they allowed addons to be used to modify UI behavior.

I actually am really happy with no mini map and no addons. I do not think the compass is that bad, although I do think it needs a little tweaking.

I hope they never allow addons. I don’t want to have this turn into WoW with all the addons that seem (or groups say) are mandatory just to play the game.


If there were addons, all your improvement suggestions would already have been implemented by the community. But now you have to fight over every small improvement, probably for years, for AGS to implement it. And then they may end up picking someone else’s suggestion over yours (seriously, a minimap is far superior to anything you could possibly do with a compass, because it offers all the same features and then some).

Also addons work with the API that AGS would give access to. If some addons become “mandatory”, AGS could quickly kill them by closing off a function they were using, or not exposing it in the first place. This is not an argument against allowing compass pin filter addons, or addons adding a minimap for those of us who don’t want to open the map and lose all immersion because of the annoying “UPCOMING INVASION” message we have to close every time we want to see where the storage shed is.

thank you for bringing up some ideas on the compass.

A minimap is a convenience feature to make the game easier. I do not think that is needed and do not think that this game is designed around conveniences that a lot (if not most) other MMOs have. I stick to my original statements that we do not need such things nor do we need addons at all. The community making suggestions is one thing and certainly great. The community actually changing the game through addons is a different thing all together and something I really do not want to see happen.

I would like to see a few tweaks to the compass, however, if they do not happen it will not destroy my fun of this game or make me enjoy it any less.

If the absence of a minimap or addons is something that is so terrible to you though, which is certainly your right to feel that way, then perhaps this game isn’t for you.


If you think having to hit M while you continue auto-running is somehow making the game more challenging rather than more annoying, you’re delusional.

And the same argument could be used for your suggestions. By the same standard your suggestions are also conveniences that are making the game easier. And if not having more consistent information on the compass is so terrible for you, then perhaps the game isn’t for you.

Funny how this works for literally everything that anyone ever wants to change in a game…

I didn’t say hitting M makes the game more or less challenging. A mini map is a convenience that is all. I have 0 issues navigating the world with the compass and the map. I look on the map, see I want to go North, use the compass and run North. That isn’t a problem at all.

I suggested small tweaks to existing features, and I am totally ok if none of them happen. You suggested new features, that is a difference. You also don’t seem ok if your new features aren’t implemented. I am sorry you don’t see the difference between the two scenarios.

You might want to interpret it as a “new feature”, but if there is a map, a minimap is hardly a “new feature”. All I’m suggesting is that we can make the map smaller and stick it in the corner, alright?

And your suggestions are also conveniences. So they are the same in that regard. Stop your special pleading. You said conveniences bad in the very thread you made about more conveniences. Don’t think your hypocrisy is lost on me.

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As a big fan of add ons in other games I hope they don’t add or allow it either.

The compass could use some basic customization options though. And I like not having a mini map.

What’s with you guys wanting to make this like every other MMO?

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I am sorry you feel the need to actually attack me, calling me a hypocrite, and just being rather negative in general.

Adding something that isn’t there (mini map) is a new feature. Putting a background on a compass that is already there is a tweak. If making it easier to see because the UI design makes it near impossible to see during daylight/bright situations, then fine it is a convenience instead of a tweak to fix a UI issue. I won’t argue the semantics of that with you.

I hope you have a great day. I will not respond to you further because frankly I don’t care to constantly have further negativity directed at me personally.

If you don’t like minimaps or addons, don’t use them. But stop trying to force everyone to play your way. It’s not like these changes would change gameplay, they are just UI elements that have 0 impact on how people play who don’t use them.

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Lol it would actually be you people trying to force others to play your way as the game doesn’t have it. Go play another MMO. Add-on can definitely give an unfair advantage. As can a mini map, over some who doesnt use it.

It is amazing that people that constantly bring up “forced to play your way” almost always contradict themselves.

You got guild wars 2 have at it there.

Don’t like an opinion? Might help not to contradict yourself.

You’re the one contradicting yourself. I want an optional feature that you can disable, you want everyone to play with the features you like. Don’t try to turn it around, you know you’re being dishonest.

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