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@256shadesofgrey @VanHeal Guys we seem to be getting off topic here. Whether you do or do not want a mini map isn’t really the point here. All this started with some simple compass organization/customization options. Can we try to keep it civil please? Even if everyone here is not actually an adult there is a certain level of maturity and responsibility that comes with social interaction on the internet that a lot of people seem to have forgotten. Let’s try to get back to that eh?

Your lack of reading skills is hilarious troll. :rofl:

I’ll defend myself against a walking contradiction every day of the week my man. He responded to me not the other way around. I’m not going to let some opinionated bully talk about nonsense on the internet to me. Sorry. Look at all his comments on this topic. All aggressive.

You have a point but aggressive nonsense was met with aggressive in return. I don’t let people do it to me in real life either. You shouldn’t have even tagged me in the first place it was clear where this started he even went at someone else in this topic.


A minimap is a worse solution. Giving you ‘radar’ removes the whole point of having a game world to look at. You always just end up looking at the radar while moving.

The compass has issues and the tracking of things has issues. They should never have been implemented this way.

The compass should’ve been just ONE letter at the top center of the screen. Nothing more. It purposes is just to give you a bearing.

Tracking should’ve been something you go to your map view, go to a list of things you are allowed to track based on your skill level… put a checkmark by it… and exit the map.

The tracking would then work merely by generating a ‘trail’ to follow on the ground (glowy spots on ground just like those silly pieces of paper all over). Each trail you find requires you to interact with it as if you were harvesting (done quickly) …and it would generate a new trail marker within the visible range of your screen. The trail marker you just interacted with will vanish by doing a glowy animation that trails in the direction of the next marker for about 10 meters then vanishes…thus you can SEE what direction the next marker is.

This would work for tracking any animal or resource. The closer you get the bigger and brighter the after-interaction trail marker becomes…so you can visually tell how far you are from what you going after.

If the devs would randomize spawn locations and used this system, bots would find it impossible to function given there would be no coordinates to pre-program in and a bot cannot visually ID the next marker direction (its like captcha inside the game).

Players would track stuff in a more interactive way as well and it would be more intuitive than following a compass marker.

I like the mini map idea if it wouldnt cluster up the ui. I end up auto running and hitting my map numerous times.

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Nice projection. You’re the bully here trying to make others play your way, I only ask for options that you can ignore and continue playing the way you like. Your ilk is the authoritarian disease plaguing the world right now. People like you keep trying to force others to do your bidding, and you can’t even stop at video games that people resort to to escape such crap.

Compass customisation would be such a good thing. I second this.

I don’t really want a minimap. I see no real need for it. I have a map, a compass, and a good sense of direction. It would be redundant and make the ui look weird.

That said, the compass is in need of some love. Let me filter what’s on there and it could do with a doubling of the tracking range at least. I don’t really care if there are 7 rabbits in front of me, I’m after the soulsprite they’re sitting on.

I definitely have issues with the compass. I like it and am getting used to it over a minimap but it’s very difficult to see during the day. I’d like to be able to move it to the bottom of the screen. I’d also like to have tick boxes for what to track. Yes, I know there are turkeys everywhere, I’d rather not track them.

This should be in the feedback section. I agree the compass tracking is terrible compared to just using your eyes

it hasn’t been working since yesterday not even plants are showing up now.

Yea- I’m pretty confused about the details for the compass. I’ve noticed bunnies & turkeys appear on mine but not wolves & other animals?

It would be nice if they could add a filter & have limited range- so you can choose if you’re hunting animals, plants, ore, etc. Seems like its picking up animals from a pretty far distance.

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