Compass Tracking not working

I’ve noticed this since the beta, but… every once in a while… the compass begins to degrade and you’re no longer able to track things you once were able to.
Not sure what causes it, but it’s frustrating now as the original way to fix said issue was to log out and back in…
Can’t do that in these queue times… lol

Can we implement a way to refresh our HUDs, or better yet fix this issue?


Did not had any issue with this. Were you in proximity with that item? Because you cannot track items more than 100-200m. Just in your proximity area where items are synced with server, so your pc know if that resource is available or looted by another player.

Yes. I can sit there with a rabbit and an iron ore vein right in front of me and see nothing on my compass. It’s a known glitch lol, don’t try to gaslight me into thinking I’m doing something wrong.

Jesus Christ lmao


Read what you said and tell me it doesn’t look like you think I have NO idea how the compass works lol

I’ve been playing since beta. It’s a known issue.


The compass works for me for an hour or two then stops and I either have to relog or suffer for it. And the options between queuing or just sucking it up and grinding harder both are lame.

A better fix would be to allow us to refresh the UI in the client to resolve the compass until the developers sort out the bugs.

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Agreed. A refresh would be great to just… temp fix that issue until they resolve it even.

Same issue here.
No quests anymore on the compass. No tracking, only my group markers are there if I am in a group.

  • 2nd issue: Also my Music loop from the corrupted zone is never stopping anymore. I am fishing at sea with that scary music in my ear from the corrupted zones. I had to turn off music or it drove me crazy.

  • 3rd Issue: Mission Quest items stay in your inventory even if you do not have any mission open anymore. They cannot be removed or salvaged. they are just stuck in your inventory. Even cleared my complete journal and still there are Yellow quest items without me having any mission open anymore.

  • 4th Issue: No more server restarts are cause harvestable not being able to harvest anymore, like the nodes are bugged on the database server. I have this with Hemp, Trees anything. I can even see other people trying but failing.


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