Compendium Regarding the New World "Auto-Ban" Issue

Here I will attempt to create a compendium of relevant information & topics from the New World Forum, reddit & Steam regarding the “Auto-Ban” issue plaguing users at this time.

This thread isn’t intended in any way to bash Amazon Games/New World Staff or their policies/handling of the situation, nor is it intended in any way to spread misinformation.
The intent is to gather user reports & other reference material in a single location in order to shed light on a massive issue in such a way that it gets resolved in a reasonable & timely manner!

This thread isn’t intended for discussion or debate regarding any occurrences or opinions of this situation or the users impacted by it; such posts will be considered & flagged for removal as off topic - the goal of this thread is to compile a list of resources & feedback threads regarding the topic at hand, if you wish to discuss or debate regarding certain aspects of the situation please create your own thread & post the link below or send it to me in a private message to be referenced here!
That being said please feel free to post relevant links I have not included below & I will add them to the list when I am able to do so! Thank you all in advance for your respect & consideration in this matter!

This list intentionally isn’t including ban reports related to character name, botting or AFK related infractions & is exclusively focusing on bans where it seems the users may have been targeted by mass reporting or other seemingly related anomalous ban-system issues!

Note that this list is in no way intended to be exhaustive or comprehensive & that it is a work in progress intended to be updated until such time as this situation is adequately resolved in such a way that players are protected from further abuse of this system or it becomes apparent that no adequate resolution will ever be attainable!

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Relevant Forum Threads;’rs-and-auto-ban/353342

Relevant reddit Threads;

Relevant Steam Threads;

Other Relevant Links;

Relevant Images;

Relevant Youtube Videos;

*Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, some the relevant information in the above links may be unavailable at the time of viewing.


but WIndward said there was no autoban

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Fantastic. Devs pls update any info u got due to the issue at this thread pls


“Depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is”

Absolutely well done on this. I hope AGS can finally give us a real response soon.

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Heres my thread on steam. FEXTRALIFE was banned and immediately unbanned to avoid bad publicity.


I just read that, there is hundreds of people claiming they are going to refund there new world of Amazon doesn’t fix this ban issue because people are getting mad at getting banned and this issue not being fixed, mass FALSE reporting is a serious serious problem right now.

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It really sucks being false banned than unbanned than re false banned because stupid false reporters and this is making a angry new world player database in a HUGE way.

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PCGamer have reported on this: Looks like New World players are getting each other banned to win wars | PC Gamer


it’s been four days, I still haven’t received a response from Amazon support


Hello, I would like to leave a review so to speak about the work. You urgently need what to do about it. I’m talking about Automatic ban. I have a lot of Russian players on my server who did not hesitate to use prohibited methods and after 1 hour they bought the city. I’ll skip the other cases and move on to why I’m here. neatly before attack or defense, all top players in top equipment were banned. thanks to the efforts of Russian “cheaters” and Amazon, we lost 2 cities because the top players of the factions got banned. Huge request to make efforts to track down such cases. otherwise we will end up with toxic players who abuse the mechanics. I do not see any way out of this situation, I am about the abuse of mechanics that were allowed to buy the city after such a short time. because the economy of the north is currently dependent on the Russian streamer Xenophobe. by imposing sanctions for abuse, Ioni will raise “cry” and “howl” or, even worse, will start network attacks. (believe me, I know these bad people and have seen what they do on other projects.)

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Yeah, I got banned by being mass reported, appealed and I’m still waiting for a response (it happened what, 10 days ago?). Got banned for 24h because of this.
Funny thing is, the guys that were mass reporting still do it (and many other abusive things but this is not the thread to discuss it), and they’re just fine.

Come on, Amazon, say again that reports aren’t analysed by bots. Then you come and ask us to not report via forum, but that’s the only way to report something if you don’t have enough people to mass report someone that is ACTUALLY doing harm.


Very impressive compilation of information. Hopefully something is done sooner rather than later. Glad to see there are others out there that feel the same way :’)


This is the worst ban system I have ever seen implemented in an online game yet. Seriously out of control.


And the dog covered in chocolate didn’t eat the cake.

@Eru_Ellimist_Entreri thank you for this. Bookmarked.

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Normally I would assume people who get banned actually did something wrong to deserve the ban but during the beta I similarly got tempbanned for 24 hours. The reason? I said that I would love if there were language-based servers at launch. Pretty much word for word. I was never nasty about it, directed it at anybody specific or acted xenophobic. English is not my native language. I just wanted to express that it would be nice to easily find people who speak my language.

The sheer amount of people who are victims of the same type of reporting is staggering. No smoke without fire. If there are actual humans in charge of reviewing these bans then perhaps they have resolved to using bots in order to ease their workload without the OK from AGS.

I highly doubt that a moderator looked at my ban during beta and said “yes this is not okay. 24h ban for this guy” and I highly dobut that they would ban big streamers who give free PR to their game on a daily basis unless they did something really screwed up.


This is pathetic from Amazon… wtf ?


My Thread recently got deleted.

Haven’t received any reason for exactly why or what broke the community guidelines about the thread.