Compensate USD & In-Game Gold for AGS Group Punishment of Individual Player Actions

Compensate Gold & USD for Lost Donations, Sales Time, Deposits, Full Inventories Unable to Sell
I’m doing fund-raising for children’s hospitals right now via Getting real money donations to help sick children based on time played, and my full inventory is hindering that.

Look, I’ll be upfront. I’m pretty damned annoyed that I have a full inventory of goods to sell, and you AGS still hasn’t resolved their issue. Maybe it’s your dev’s fault, maybe not, but dupers aren’t my problem, it’s AGS. So here I am with a full inventory and nothing to do but salvage gear I wanted to sell, drop resources I was holding onto, forced to consolidate raw materials to higher tier when the price per raw item is better than the cost of using refining matts… etc…

Disabling all gold transactions for players is not a viable solution. Neither is taking down the servers. Really any action that disables a portion or all of the game is a viable solution.

Instead, trace the accounts that duped it and permaban them. But sitting here with a full inventory unable to sell is insane. At least bump my storage up or something. Give me gold for my lost game time revenue, inability to sell, gold taxes I paid on Trading Post listings. It’s pretty nuts.

Responses will say it’s minor, other’s will agree - but realistically you’re enacting group punishment for behavior that is seen across all other MMOs, and I haven’t seen them take action against their player-base like this. Seriously consider re-thinking how you approach things like this in the future.

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Just to be clear, you want compensation for money that you don’t actually own- or have ever owned but that you were hoping to make and therefore feel entitled to? The reason that you are missing out on these profits is that you already own more stuff than you can really use for yourself and that the demand on the market does not support the prices you would prefer to sell for?

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