Compensation for 2 days of Queue Simulator

So, AGS didn’t deliver. No, i don’t buy the argument, that every MMO on launch day looks the same. It’s empty phrase, and suggest that there in no harm done, and it’s nodobys fault.

AGS knows exactly how many copies was sold, and how many people across each region will try to play on launch day. Greed, that’s the word i think of, when looking at this from distance. They could open alot more server, they could expect and prepare for such phase, and finally they could take measures to make sure the situation will be far better than previous “Queue Simulators” when other games starts.

You don’t sell 1000 tickets to brand-new bistro, if You got only 3 tables available. No, You dont take money and orders from new customers and then let them watch like other people eat, and then try to convince the rest that - You can come next week, and If there will be fewer customers we’ll feed You.

So long story short, I EXPECT a compensation. Compensation for FALSE ads that tells “I CAN PLAY” NW on 28.09. Compensation for hours of standing in the queues and game errors while i tried to get in, which results in even LONGER queue times.

There must be consequences, or every other game developer will do exactly the same. Take money in front and then count, that players will forget after some time.

Question is: The AGS will try to save face, or they show how much they don’t care about that cause “every MMO starts this way”?


So, AGS was supposed to predict exactly how many copies would be sold on or after launch day? Because I’m willing to bet that the last-minute purchases played a huge part in the server overload.


So you think that it takes what, 2 minutes to set up servers? Because pre-orders is indicative of popularity but not an exact science how many will play. It can never be a certainty how many will play and buy the game on launch day.

Also, starting to yell for compensation sounds a bit Karen in my ears, almost on the point of asking to see the manager.


Dude, go outside and enjoy life. Everything will be fine.
Nobody will get compensation, people who scream refund will not refund. You are just like everybody else going to play it when it becomes playable.


You’ll get zero compensation and like it.


That’s a hefty expectation. The game isn’t going anywhere and you get an MMO for just $40 with no sub. Would compensation (capped at a refund of $40) really quench your appetite?

Reactions to this launch have been quite dramatic. I hope no other company slightly inconveniences these folks in their day to day life lol

Even i’m mad because of queue i have to say:
AGS couldn’t predict this amount of players at all because it’s 4 times as many concurrent players as during the open beta.
I myself predicted only 200k concurrent players because of a lot of negative posts all over the internet.

And at OP… you can’t expect a compensation at all since it isn’t a subsciptionbased game like WoW for example.

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I should employ you, borrow some money from you and get you fired. Then send you a bill for my services.

Sure, you can have an extra two days’ subscription added on to your account.

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Yes. Word predict is suits here perfectly. They should do it FAR better. And such HUGE queue on servers was easy to predict even without “last minute” sales.

If each major MMO has same issues, such giant as Amazon, with all the Big Data tech in basement can do it MUCH, MUCH better

Hold on. It’s not a lemonade counter in the outskirts. They have all the data and people takes money to prepare and predict what will happen.

And compensation is a natural consequence when You sell something, and cant deliver on time.

I’m not talking about refund. I want compensation because since 2 days I only can watch how other eat, standing in the queue despite the fact i already paid for the meal.

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They have some data, on-release sales are not calculated and there is no knowing how popular a game will be before you release it. Sometimes there might be a small demand on pre-orders, then it explodes beyond expectations on release.

Compensation is a natural consequence yes, but when it comes to digital releases such as games, there is also a reasonable expectation. It’s not reasonable to expect that an MMO that is just released, will work without login problems the first couple of weeks.

Let me guess you tried joining a HIGH pop server and sat in queue. If you would of joined a low pop server or simply you could of played with great server stability.

There’s other ways to compensate people inconvenience then $

Whay if they do it on purpose? What if, there was a meeting, when person responsible for that say: More servers will cost us, so let’s setup less, so we’ll earn more?

Wrong guess.

  1. Amenti isnt the most popular
  2. I try to play on server where my company plays.

Can we just stop the crying over a video game? How do you even handle real life, lol?

What’s the difference between the video game and let’s say new car?

There’s other ways to compensate people inconvenience then $

You don’t deserve compensation for inconvenience bro lol. Even if you bought that ticket to a bistro that didn’t quite have enough seats and you had to wait, you wouldn’t deserve compensation for that either, MAYBE a refund at best. That, my friend, is entitlement. IF it is about the money, I suggest budgeting a little smarter. IF it is about inconvenience, I suggest trying a little patience and grace and realize you will have plenty of time to play this game and get your money’s worth and understand this isn’t a big deal. It’s a video game. Call it “false advertising” for a product release expectation if you wish… but that is your burden to bear and no one else’s lol. Go scream in a pillow, it’s therapeutic.

Well, the cost for one.

Interesting. I wonder why people got compensation when the planes are not in time in the destination. They should “according to Your advice” scram in a pillow.

that every MMO on launch day looks the same.

It does

It’s empty phrase

No, you just don’t like the answer.

AGS knows exactly how many copies was sold

Yes, approximately 200,000 judging by the open beta stress test. At the peak of playercount yesterday, there were 1,400,000 people trying to get in. A 600% increase over the open beta numbers. Even if they had played it VERY safe and assumed they would have 5x the amount of players they had just two weeks ago, they would STILL be almost half a million slots short. (Just about the number who were waiting in queue. Funny coincidence that.)

You don’t sell 1000 tickets to brand-new bistro, if You got only 3 tables available.

Completely unrelated comparison. But hey if you want to compare totally unrelated industries, I can do that as well. Airlines book and sell 115% of their seats every flight. Yup, they sell more seats than they have on the plane. Who gives a shit, it’s unrelated.

So long story short, I EXPECT a compensation

And you won’t get it. This in no way constitutes false advertising, but you’re more than welcome to try and take Amazon Inc. to court, good luck with that.

every other game developer will do exactly the same.

They do. All of them. Refer to the first point.