Compensation for EU players due to closed trading post

Good evening,
Lets me start by stating that I do enjoy the game a lot, but due to trading post being closed im not able to craft my daily cooldown items (phoenix/asmodeum etc). I highly recommend to give us the chance to craft those daily mats that we were not able to craft all those days.

Also i would like to state that i find it odd that we getting little to non information on when the trading post will be back online. Most of your player database has jobs, families and liabilities - having those information before hand would help us schedual better and will create less furstration to all.

Keep up the good work.

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Yea I would like to have something around 300k

its not about the gold bro . . .indeed a compentation will be needed, but most important is that those daily crafts take time that you cant compensate by gold.

settlements are losing alot of gold, and at this rate we can not afford upkeeps - 0 market 0 game.

24hrs downtime is shocking.

I bet the refunds will be flying in

We have to wait and see how it will unfold, for me time>gold.

what if i have 100 items on trading post ?
will they be on the market for longer?
If not then yea we need compensation .

or quit the game for months untill it is unhackable/unbugged .
i heard the endgame is a total bore show!

amazing game when we can sell items only on market , but we don’t have space to save them in deposit.

indeed with TP closed our storages are getting full and less money enter our pockets - you could make a small break of the game till it is fixed or spend time in lvling your crafts etc. Hopfully the compensation will cover your lost time . . . that is why im consern about the daily crafts :confused:

You can farm that. You dont need trading center for them.

Hello @Parania !
I apologize for any inconvenience caused due to the closure of the trading post. As you may know, the closure of the trading post is temporary and was made because of the need to fix some issues regarding bad practices in the markets, such as the trading and transferring of illegally duplicated items. There is no current ETA for the trading posts to be open, but i can assure you that once we have more information regading this situation, we will for sure let you people at the forum know, so please do stay tuned! Wether there are plans to implement some sort of in game compensation for this situation is yet to be determined by the dev team, and we don’t have any information on that matter either. I understand that this may not be the answer you’re looking for, but that is all the info that we handle about it ATM. Do rest assured that the devs are prioritizing these bigger issues so that they can be solved ASAP!

I’ll see you in Aeternum :axe: