Compensation for Furnishers?

Since it is a trend for AGS to compensate people for losses, here are just some general numbers for you to get an idea of how much Furnishers have lost and will continue to lose:

I was on a lower pop server prior to transferring and made about 2-5k per day using furnishing sales. Furniture trading has been disabled since prior to my transfer to a server with a stronger economy.

It’s been so long since you disabled it with no word, that people who weren’t economically shut down (like my two, now rich, jewelcrafting friends), have used their gold now to just start buying up furnishing instead waiting for AGS to EVENTUALLY fix it. That is becoming a trend for many players now too. Even more so because this is a holiday week in North America leaving many people lots of time to grind.

So not only have you cost furnishers a few thousand of potential gold per day with this ban on trade, you have also permanently hampered their future income. So since AGS is about compensating people for their losses maybe you should consider intentionally giving a large amount of gold to the furnishers who you have completely wrecked.


Also, the cherry on top, is that if I wanted to try a new trading skill myself to find an alternate income, AGS has made leveling up new skills 6 times more difficult and costly at the same time they destroyed my income.

I would legit make like 10k a week from starmetal chests and other furnishings. Seeems like almost a month ive been cut off.

I know they wont do anything to compensate us, so i dont even consider it as a possibility.


And EVEN if they did fix all this, they made Faction token grinding take 3-4 times as long by adding task that are immediately abandoned because you could spend hours never getting it done. So the minor time sink that was getting Runes of Holding is now a MASSIVE time sink.

When exploits shut down the auction house it was a priority to fix and get back up quickly. It seems like this exploit hasn’t gotten the same attention. Furnishing was my only crafting skill high enough to make any money on and its been shut down for more than a week. I had finally gotten to the point where I was making more than spending… now I am broke again. Thank god they lowered rent because I would not have been able to keep them.

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