Compensation for the down time of trades and wealth transfer

i feel like we should have some sort of compensation in game after all this is done. this whole time we are sitting here, my storage is getting full, i cant sell anything, cant make any money. its really put a damper on the gameplay


yes since yesterday i cant play anymore iswell, because everything is lit full i allready stashed stuff in 3 other storages in different towns but now im full nearly everywhere … so 2 days wasted so far…


I don’t, and I hope to high hell Amazon don’t hand out any compensation, else it will unleash a flood of entitlement.


Bro these comments like WTF
„ we lost 2 days so far“ Bro is This your job to get your Kids food??? Its a fcking video game calm your Life down XD

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lol right?! some people are only out for themselves or out to put people down or talk shit. just nothing better to do with their time i guess. the way i see it if you dont have something productive/constructive to say about it then why even comment

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Its a game I paid 40$ for with no monthly sub that is effectively broken.



Many companies have offered compensation whether it be in-game currency or a “free” cosmetic shop item. The reality is, AGS is not going to catch every single person who duped, nor will they ban each and every person.

That being said, I feel that it may be necessary to add a new flow of supply to the economy in-game in order to keep the people who aren’t punished from controlling the supply and demand. Whether it be monetary or some other value, the expectation of compensation of some sort is not an entitlement. They are in fact limiting our ability to access important features of the game, and it’s becoming more of an issue each and every day it’s not available

Additionally, I’d like to add to the people defending it as a “$40 game”. Regardless of the price, the $40 game is far from perfect and we’ve been more than patient and willing to over look a LOT of the mistakes AGS have made in the past month. They do in fact have an incentive-based subscription and it’s Amazon Prime.


then ask for a refund, as for compensation. ROFLMAO

Kids and their entitlement I guess lol

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You and everyone Should get nothing. If anything Amazon should wipe all gold and gear from game.

says the “adult” playing the game

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lol then why are you even playing it or on the forums?

i completely agree!

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What is $40 worth of hours played? Who are you to tell me what my money’s worth? Who are you to create a discretionary value on what each and every person’s money is worth?

This isn’t a single-player RPG, this isn’t CoD, this is something that is supposed to intrigue and attracts new players to stay and play for years to come. Getting my $40 worth isn’t an argument, it’s a blatant disregard of the state of the game. This isn’t about whether or not I got my $40 worth, this is about the future of the game.

I’m not crying, I’m wistfully expressing genuine concern and hope for the future of NW.


lol well ur sitting here acting like youre all high and mighty talking down to people, and yet you are an “adult” on a game forum, talking shit to people and putting them down. what does that make you? as far as im concerned maybe youre the one thats acting like a kid? nothing better to do with your time i suppose. but hey to each their own

and unexpected compensation freely given is always nice and complimentary.

But when it comes due to a gaggle of folks demanding it, it sets a poor president that ends up being repeated for asinine things later down the road.

So I stand by what I said.

Everyone has their own opinions and like you voice yours they can voice theirs… If you don’t like what they say, just ignore it. :slight_smile:

Im smokin a fatty, and reading the forums, I mean thats what they are for right?

If being a realist is talking down to people? Well then guess Ill carry on.

If my Normal way of talking offends you, dont care. Im just throwing out realism and common sense. You are whining over an online game you played hundreds of hours in … your thread is on entitlement, nothing less, nothing more.

If thats too much for you to handle, sorry not sorry, the Truth doesnt care about your feelings.

it sets a poor president


? I dont follow

yea i suppose thats understandable. i can see where that has the potential to become an issue. my outlook on it tho is not that it should be expected every time something goes wrong but the fact that a major part of the game is inaccessible for a couple days or possibly longer should have some sort of jump to help get the flow going again. its going to kill the market when it comes back up because every body is going to flood it with things to sell. but on that same token i dont believe a handout of any type should be given on any sort of regular basis because it also kills the encouragement of gameplay. like im not trying to be entitled or anything, but for instance if i go to a restaurant and they fuck up my food id expect that i either get my money back or my food get replaced.