Compilation: Sword & Shield Bug

  1. Leaping strike
    Leaping strike being canceled by ANY attack (light, heavy, skill)

  2. Couter Attack
    It’s not empowering when blocking

  3. Skill Grit
    Some abilities like Shield Rush and Defiante Stance have grit in their animations, but they are being canceled by non-stun hits, causing them to be cast twice.

  4. Auto attack sequence
    The auto-attack sequence is constantly being interrupted by normal attacks from enemies, preventing passives like “achilles’ heel” and “Final Blow” from activating.

  5. Shield Status
    Shield stats disappear when switching to secondary weapon, so all sword users cannot reach 500 stat with both weapons.

Please AGS, there are several bugs in the sword and they were made worse with the new update, fixing them is fundamental for the class.



Hey there Malva, thanks for taking the time to report these bugs, i’ll go ahead and send a bug report on up to the devs. Have a great day!

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There is a workaround for the issues above? I also experience the same problems and really catastrophe to play in this situation.

I hope you are aware of the problem and address it…

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any fix?

point 1 is fixed, although not like before, but is no longer interrupted by any attack. point 5 the correction is already in ptr, the others remain.

Bump, why are these still a thing?

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because apparently tank is not a priority for developers

The skill interruption one aint even just tank either. Just tried to fight 3+ mobs with hatchet. Never seen so much stuttering and interruption in my life. Most weapons have a 2-3 hit combo. can now barely even get off 1 hit without being interrupted. PVE is unplayable. As is PVP but thats a different thread.

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