Complete Game Crash and unable to log character

so played since the beta started, poured in 30h.

i had 0 issue so far except minor game issues. but nothing about the graphical issue i’m about to describe.

so i was 24, and looking for a group to do Amrine. found one. i use fast travel to the city closest to the dungeon.

when i reach there, game instantly crashes, with video driver error. i relaunch the game, get to lobby, click play, as soon as the game finishes loading it just end up in a black screen and making my video drivers crash.

AMD 5600x
32gb ddr4
game installed on nvme
RX 6800.

just to see if its the game or an actual bug, i created another character on another server, everything works fine and i can play.

but that bug basically deleted/halted any progress on my main character no matter how i try, loading never works and just crash the game/video drivers.

everything is on last drivers, i tried an integrity check was fine, literally cannot play my character.


If this happens, lower your video settings compared to what you were using.
going to medium let me log in on my character, but once in game putting back to very high crashed the game.

its a bit weird considering i have 32gb DDR4 and 16gb on video memory, but something in that specific city using higher texture just make the game crash.

what is more weird is that in the other region i’ve been playing on for most of the time that is more densely populated i was playing in very high and had 90+ fps outdoors and 60-70fps in cities crowded with people. makes no sense why this empty city would make my game crash.


I also have a similar issue with the game crashing and restarting my PC, you are not alone.


I can no longer enter the game. As soon as it finishes to load, I get the black screen of death.


I just lowered my video settings in the game setting and turned off V-Sync. I was able to enter game. Maybe just a fluke, but i got in after the loading screen. Maybe give it a try? Hope this helps.


gonna try, but having to suffer 30min queue just to see if my game will crash or not really doesnt help.

trying medium settings + no vsync… vsync was already off it seems

i’ll edit how that went.

thanks for the tip, saved me.

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I had same issue and couldn’t log into my character. I put everything to LOW and it worked. Wow. XD

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Very happy to hear that I could be of some help. Have a great day and enjoy the game!


I wish I could get to the settings menu before it crashes…

Hi same problem here !
I have this error : “amd pilot timeout” it always happen in a town, this is the 2nd time i got this error.
For fix it i had to reinstall my windows 10 + the game . . .

My configuration :
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT 12-Core Processor
Memory: 32768MB RAM
GPU : AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT

IMPORTANT ! : These error occure since the morning update of the 22/07 who fix the nvidia problem but with this update peoples with amd gpu RX6XXX series got error.

Please fix it guys =)

See here : Gane Crashes and ATI driver

same thing happened to me twice, both times right after i hit lvl 13, but lowering my graphics settings did let me log into the second character i made, i just scrapped the first one since i didnt know what to do. also i didnt receive any error message either times.